Fortitude fitness london

Results-based coaching

The problem with most gyms are...


People fighting for the same equipment


Where do you start?
What should you do?


Full of Meat-heads and Instagram Models


Same workouts day in, day out


Nobody knows your name or cares about you

You need a program with a goal...

Choose your goal

Have a conversation with a coach to help you choose the program right for you


An expert coach will be there to guide you and through every workout and hold you accountable


Develop better habits for life, show up consistently, make progress with all your peers and WIN in a like minded community!

Private Training

Do you have a very specific goal you want help on? From world record attempts, competitive games athlete programs to getting ready for a wedding day. There's no goal we haven't helped people with. We will get you prepared and guide you through the whole process. Reach out for more information and for us to put you in touch with the best coach for the job!


A 12-week programme with the goal of building serious lean muscle mass, moving better and feeling healthier!
Here we really focus on building muscle mass using dedicated hypertrophy programs along with our expert coaching team, you are guaranteed to put on muscle faster than you thought possible and keep you moving safely and feeling amazing!

We don't just care about workouts,
we care about you

Since 2009, We’ve helped thousands of people get strong, achieve their fitness goals, meet life long friends and be better versions of themselves.

Check out some of their stories.

Man snatching


Les joined us to learn to move better,  improve his fitness and challenge himself in new ways! 

Woman lifting barbell


Jess joined us to improve her quality of life. She joined us to get stronger and fitter for her day to day life and to fix certain movement patterns to get her out of pain and into a much stronger, happier place!


Kyle is one of our oldest members. He has trained with us since our beginnings and we couldn’t be prouder to have a legend such as him trust us with his health and wellness over the years. He wants to train to stay fit and healthy, be a part of the community that we have here and have fun! 

What we offer

Online classes

Train in your living room or garage! Daily strength and conditioning classes are available online.


Small group classes

Train at Hale in a small group. Over 40 classes available per week in a safe and motivating environment.


Personal coaching

Need to lose 20 lbs? Fix an injury? Prepare for your next race? Get results faster working with a coach.

Starting at $399

Your new favorite gym

When you’re short on time, getting to the gym to work out can be overwhelming. At Hale, we create simple workouts and nutrition plans that fit your schedule so you can get in the best shape of your life.

You’re looking for a fitness program, but there’s never enough time to work out, which leaves you feeling frustrated and guilty that you aren’t taking care of yourself. You deserve more. We know what it’s like to feel frustrated with your progress…our coaches have been through it too, but we’ve helped more than 1200 busy men and women look better, feel better, and get stronger.

It’s simple.
1) Get a custom plan
2) Show up
3) Be a badass!

Stop getting stuck, starting over again, and wondering if you are doing it right. Book a free intro today and start looking better, feeling better, and getting stronger today

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