12 Days of CrossFit at Fortitude

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of Year!

As by the title you’re probably going to hear this song a lot over the coming month (and if you don’t know it shame on you 😊). It’s the time of the year when we all get into the festive spirits, we start thinking about the holidays, unwinding from the stresses of work and just enjoying life, with a nice way to end the year and  reboot for 2022. So what better way to start , is by flexing those muscles getting your cardio grooves and enjoying the our mini version of a Christmas advent calendar, with the Crossfit 12 days of Christmas.

The 12 days of CrossFit/Christmas has been going on at Fortitude (formerly Crossfit Thames) since I have been a member . 12 different CrossFit style workouts over a 12 day period, in the beginning these workouts were based on benchmark CrossFit workouts such as Fran, Helen, Grace, Jackie, but over the years Coach Milo has devised, schemed, and some say plotted 😊 to make the workouts more interesting varied and challenging. So when u look at Instagram on a daily basis over the 12 days and see what Coach Milo has devised, sometimes it becomes a WTF moment or some form of obscenities in reference to our beloved coach (Well I do anyway lol).

Every member will approach the 12 days differently, some members want to challenge of do all 12 days and testing all the skills they learnt and improved over the last year. Whether that being strength, gymnastic or conditioning. The 12 days will give u this. Some members might just want to 5-6 days and have some “fitness fun” to help them enjoy the Christmas period. 12 days caters to all our members in different ways. Personally, I like 12 days because it a great way to meet different members, who u might not meet due to just timings, like some people are early riser and train in the mornings, lunchtime and evening trainers. 12 days gives us the ability to train with other and just say “hi how u doing”. Especially so we have a 4 team competition running in the middle of the 12 days on the 4TH December, which is a great way to be in a team would a member u never met and have some fun. If u are not in a team or would like to participate give Misty a shout. Even if your not a competitive person and want to come down and watch us all suffer, please come and cheer us on we would really appreciate it 😊

 Look the 12 days is just a fun time for all the members and if you have friends who have never tried CrossFit before and would want to try, it a fun and great way to introduce them to CrossFit.

Looking forward to seeing u all at some point during the 12 days it going to be a lot fun and laughs.

Christmas always about fun so why not add this to list at the beginning, so you can tick it off your list  when watching your favourite  Christmas film Die Hard ( Yes Die Hard is a Christmas Film lol) and stuff yourself full of mince Pies.

Merry 12 days of Christmas from Coach Courtney!

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