1st Strength Training Block!

The first Strength Training block is inbound team! Woohoo!

Much like we’ve done in the past you can expect to see the what and why’s for each program still and even if the programs are now always ”Biased” towards a specific goal we are still going to be working the program intelligently to get maximum results over time and not just in weeks.

So what does that all actually mean?

All it means is that I’ll do that bit and you just need to consistently turn up, put in work and get strong as fuck! 😛

We will have focuses for each block and phase which will all build on top of one another and keep strength gains rising. Expect to see focuses for each phase so you know exactly what you are working on, when to make sure you are coming in to make sure you hit your goals and why we are doing X-Y-Z accessory work to drive performance. We will always be working towards improving the main lifts (Squat, press and deadlifts/hinge) but as you all know if we just lift heavy singles all the time then we would all be strong as fuck because it would be ”Easy”.

So what is up first?

For the first block, that will last 12 weeks, will be working on something new for some of you. Rather than breaking up the training goals of either pure power, hypertrophy phase or raw strength, we are going to be working on a phase that will be using all three within a periodised program to keep intensity high and keep challenging you all. (Again I take care of the geeky bit so don’t stress on how 😛 ) Just know some days it will be heavier other days will be lighter but more reps 🙂

The main lifts we will be working & Testing before and at the end of the cycle:
– Pull Up (Weighted or improving pending on your journey)
– Bench Press
– Strict Press
– Back Squat
– Split Squats
– Deadlift or Power Clean

What does a week of Strength Training look like?

What is Quick Strength Training?

Just to clarify on this one. The program is exactly the same only a shorter time domain. Being a 45 Min class instead of the usual 60 mins. This is down to some of you being pretty busy and or maybe just running late one day and as we all know consistency is king. So to make sure you can still get your training in we have added in Quick Strength. Here you will be able to come in and get the main lifts done still and not miss out on all that progress you want to make and if time allows you should be able to get one of the accessory pieces done. Pending on your weaknesses and areas to work on will dictate with accessory you end up doing. Basically, we are cutting out one more excuse for you to say you can’t make gainz! 😛

We are super pumped for this to kick off and we know the Strength gains you will make from this program will be unreal! See you there!

– Head Coach Milo (Milo@fortitudefitnesslondon.com for any questions on the above)

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