3 Tips To Staying On Track – Head Coach Milo

Hey Team!

Short and sweet today. A lot of us have set new goals for ourselves for a big 2020 and that’s awesome! However, we don’t want those vibes and goals to fall to the wayside which can happen all too easily these days with everything going on and every shiny light known to man aimed at stealing our attention and time. So short and sweet with some tips to help keep you in the game!

1. Have a buddy! (Get accountable)

Have someone that you always go to class with. Double win! Someone to hang with and then someone to push/chase in a WOD. Or someone that you check in with that you did what you said you were going to do. Make sure it’s someone you respect enough to not waste their time or yours and who better yet will call you out when you are slacking.

2. Have a set time/day

Having a set time and day that you do Class (or whatever the case may be). If it becomes a habit chances are you won’t skip it or think up some excuse why you can’t go when you’re tired and just want to go zone out at home. This always kills off the need to have a conversation with yourself each week as to which class you are going to go to etc 🙂

3. Goals!

If you haven’t set one then get on it! Having a goal gives you that all-important reason why which is an amazing driver when things get uncomfortable. If you have then regularly check-in with how you are getting on. If it’s a big goal then have little markers along the way to help keep you motivated and to keep you on point when working at it!

We are just kicking off the first big phase of this year’s training team and we are super pumped! We hope you are too. If you have any questions then make sure you fire them my way team. If not, then head down and let’s get to work team!

Head Coach Milo

Wednesday Oly Club

1) Clean + Push jerk + Split jerk
4 x 1+1+1

2)Front squat
4 x 2@ 2RIR

3)RDLs 3 x 8

4a) Pull ups (weighted if necessary)
3 x 5
4b) Bear plank
3 x 20 secs

Sunday Oly Club

1)Hang snatch pull + Hang snatch
3 x 1+1

3)OH Squat
3 x 3
Tempo 3010

4)Back squat
4 x 3@2 RIR

5a)Pull ups
3 x 8-12
5b)Hamstring curls
3 x Amafa