A reminder on our Competition Class coming back this month – (Sat 22 Feb!)

Hey peeps! A reminder on our Competition Class coming back this month 🙂 (Sat 22 Feb!)

How it will work: 1 Saturday a month there will be a coached competition class. This will be from 8:30 am-10 am, and we will expect you to be warm and gearing to go at 8:30. The Comp class will also take preference over space, so open gym peeps please be conscious of these dates too.

The class will have time to focus on some of those high-level skills with the coaches, as well as have 1-2 workouts that will either be individual or teams, done at comp standards and also allow you to go head to head with some of your idols or rivals 🙂
It will be aimed at intermediate and RX individuals. We will run through strategy before the workout as well as hold a debrief after.

This class will be limited to 14 people and will be £15 a class. There will be a booking system, and some classes the workout will be sent ahead of the day for you to bring your strategy or to test the workout before class if you want to. Other days, it will be unknown 🙂 We will also let you know the skill focus of that class ahead of time too 🙂 You can book in for the upcoming one on the 22nd of Feb with the button below!

Comp Class 22nd Of Feb Sign Up! 

These classes are great as the workouts are always ones you would never want to do alone, as well as allowing you some direct coach time on those skills that are preventing you from moving into or from the intermediate or RX category.

Our first date will be Saturday 22 Feb, this will be open to all but will have a Rainhill competition focus, and the workouts will be in a similar theme to how they run their event. The skill focus will be working on more efficient pullups, (including butterfly) as well as toes to bar.

On other competition news, if you missed my post in the FB group 🙂 We have a team ticket for TRIBAL CLASH UK. (18 and 19 July) ( Tribal Clash Events )

This is a team event on a beach in Devon. Three boys and three girls and it includes all sorts, like atlas stones, tyre stuffs 🙂 swimming, running, log carries, sandbags, rope climbs, up and overs over a beam, synchro squats and thrusters with a worm etc etc. We have had many teams go over the years, and you don’t have to be great at CrossFit to be on the team as there is no barbell or rig 🙂

Video from last years 🙂


Turn your sound on. This was Tribal Clash UK 2019.

Posted by Tribal Clash on Monday, July 15, 2019

They have released camping and parking spots, so I would like to get a team together ASAP.
If you haven’t already emailed your interest, please email misty@crossfitthames.com and let me know if you are keen ☺

Wednesday Oly Club

1)Snatch + Hang snatch
3 x 1+1@70% or RPE 7

2)Back squat
4 x 2@RPE 9

3)Snatch pulls
4 x 2 @ AHAFA

4)Split jerks
1 x 3@70-75%RPE 7
2 x 2@75-80% RPE7-8

5)Bear plank
3 x 20 secs

Sunday Oly Club

1) Power clean
3 x 2@75-80%

2) Front squat
2 x 2@80-85%
2 x 1@85-90%

3) Clean pulls
3 x 2
1 x 1@AHAFA

4a) Pull ups
3 x 5-10
4b) Hamstring curls
3 x amap