Here’s what CrossFit Thames is all about

Have you ever asked yourself.

  • How do I stay motivated?
  • What should I eat?
  • Am I doing this movement right?
  • What workout should I do?
  • What’s the best way to get fit for my sport?
  • How do I get back to the shape I used to be in?

Or are you a member of a gym you’ve only visited twice in the last two months?


As Albert Einstein says “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. We’re here to change your routine and get you better results!


Here’s the thing

We believe motivated people who want to lose weight and get strong are just a few steps away from reaching their goals.  It’s just a matter of knowing the right way to exercise and eat, AND have a group of workout partners who will push you to get better every day.

How can you find the time to to sift through the BS and develop a perfect workout, have a great diet, and find the right workout partners when you have a full time job…a family…or your studies???

Instead of digging through hundreds of books, blogs, research papers, and how to videos, made by “experts”….

Come check out CrossFit Thames and let us sift and sort through all the best research to give you proven workouts and eating strategies that will help you get results without having to be an exercise scientist.

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You’ll only get the best stuff we find…AND, you’ll be part of a group of hundreds of motivated people who are also living better through fitness.

All because we are obsessed with fitness, nutrition, and using psychology to figure out the best way to get permanent, lasting results for our members.

Introducing CrossFit Thames

CrossFit Thames is a thriving and growing group of motivated people who want to lose weight, get strong, and feel amazing.

The goal of CrossFit Thames is to help you live a better life through fitness. We do this by focusing on your results, education, and building a strong community of people who will support you.


CrossFit Thames, the gym

This is where you’ll get coaching on exercise and nutrition, with different workouts hitting every part of your body during our 60 min sessions throughout week.  You’ll be surrounded by amazing people who motivate you to get better every single day, and help you do things you’ve never tried before.


CrossFit Thames, the online community

This is where you’ll get free workouts, nutrition advice, daily motivation, and access to expert coaching on form (am I doing this right?), and other things you need to know to get in the best shape of your life.  You’ll get all your questions answered by people who have been there and done that, and can show you how!


CrossFit Hale, California

This is our sister gym, we work together with the team at CrossFit Hale to test the newest strategies and techniques for getting you results.  We have years of experience here with the top athletes in CrossFit and other professional sports.  More importantly, we have gotten results for office workers, grandmothers, and even amputees at our gym in California.  All of this translates into proven tactics that will work for you.


What’s the best way to get access to these communities?

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We are committed to looking after your data and we will always put you first.

What information do we hold about you?
When you enquire about, or purchase a package or membership, we add your name and email address to our database. We will store and share ONLY this data for our use and no others.

How do we use your information?
Your information allows us to update you with news at the gym, programming, events and any other information that may be of interest to you. If you have not joined the gym as yet, your information allows us to educate you on CrossFit, the gym community and how you can get started at Reebok CrossFit Thames.

If you already receive our marketing communications, we’ll continue to send you these unless you ask us to stop. We hope you enjoy hearing from us just as much as we enjoy putting our updates together, and we promise never to bombard you with too many communications.

Your rights regarding your personal data

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If you would like to exercise any of these rights, please get in touch with us through our inbox ( Please note that we may ask for proof of identity before providing or updating any personal information we hold about you and if we have a legitimate reason as to why we are unable to fulfill any requests, we will always explain the reasons why.

about our coaches

  • Misty-Leigh Botha

    Owner in Thames , Coach & General Manager

    Misty grew up in South Africa, with a career opportunity bringing her to London in 2014. She has a finance background, but coaching and CrossFit is where her passion lies. Her athletic background is varied, from competing in touch rugby at a provincial level, to athletics and netball at university.

    Misty is a CrossFit level 2 trainer, has completed the CrossFit internship at Thames and has continued her studies with various CrossFit online courses and most recently having attended the StrongFit weekend seminar.

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  • Milo MacDonald Thomas

    Head Coach

    Milo’s background is mostly military having served for 8 years with the British army and completed 3 tours of Afghanistan. He brings with him a host of sporting experience, Milo was a competitive boxer whilst with the army and has experience in freefall skydiving, rock climbing and kayaking. When he was younger he also competed in the Greek team of Pankration (Greek wrestling) and took bronze and silver medals for the team of Corfu.

    Milo is a CrossFit Level 2 Trainer and has attended seminars in CrossFit Weightlifting and CrossFit Movement & Mobility. He is also working part time towards his Reps Level 3.

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  • Dan Thomas

    Head of Media & Coach

    Dan started CrossFit in 2010 as a member of a small university club at the University of Pittsburgh whilst finishing up a BSc in Chemical Engineering. After completing his degree he moved to the UK to study an MSc in Engineering Management before moving to London for work while training at Reebok CrossFit Thames.

    Starting with a smaller group of CrossFitters with minimal equipment has forced Dan to drill in form and technique despite adverse conditions lacking quality equipment and facilities. He has come through the CrossFit Thames Internship Programme in 2016 and has been working to develop his knowledge of health and fitness through various fitness and movement workshops.

    Dan was born and raised in New York with a sporting history that consists of mainly short distance sprinting with the off seasons consisting of cross country running, swimming and 10-pin bowling. CrossFit has taken up most of Dan’s peak fitness years where he has been a member of five different boxes spanning across the US and the UK with very different atmospheres and methods.

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  • James Perry

    Coach & Events Manager

    James is 29 years old and originally from Yeovil Somerset but has been living in Weymouth Dorset for the majority of his life. His main passion has always been in performing and playing music from small pub gigs to big shows all around the world.

    James got started in training at the gym after he went through a serious illness and came out the other side wanting to be stronger than he ever was before. He then realised that he wanted to help others and so he studied to become a personal trainer. James soon became fascinated with Olympic Weightlifting and the only place to do that was at a local CrossFit Box. After the first session he was immediately hooked and from there he took his level 1 and started instructing. James found himself In love with Colombia and soon found a coaching position at Crossfit Bogota after taking his CrossFit Level 2 and became head coach and was really able to develop himself as a coach.

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  • Joslyn Thompson-Rule


    Joslyn has been a Personal Trainer & Sports Therapist for over 10 years. In June 2010, she became a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer.

    Joslyn believes CrossFit is a great way to train because it is so varied. She believes CrossFit challenges an individual both physically and mentally.

    Joslyn has an extensive sporting background, which includes 15 years as an Irish Dancer and 4 years rowing at University. She also has experience in marathons and triathlons, and she has competed in numerous CrossFit competitions at Regionals level, she also came in 3rd in the 2011 UK Strength & Power meet.

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  • Hannah Rogers


    Hannah grew up in Sweden, but before moving to London studied Management at the University of St Andrews, Scotland. After finishing her degree, she landed at EE, where she does product development, marketing and PR.

    Hannah’s sports background is basketball, having played in the senior women’s league in Sweden and for her University. Being so involved with sports all her life, taught her the importance of working hard, having a positive mindset and always challenge yourself.

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  • Markus Brunner


    Markus grew up in the Austrian countryside and when things got serious he went to study Business Informatics and Management & IT in Vienna and St Andrews. Initially he’d planned to go back to Austria after his masters, but fate already decided what to do with him and ended up in London. One day after moving to London Markus joined Thames.

    Markus came through the CrossFit Thames Internship Program and continues his studies into movement, including having recently attended Ido Portals Movement Seminar

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  • Alan Price


    Alan believes Crossfit is a fantastic way to train as it encompasses so many different aspects of fitness which will challenge you mentally and physically. The community is amazing with everyone coming together, striving for the common goal.

    Alan has played many sports in School participating mainly in football and athletics for the most part. My main love though was golf which I played professionally for about 8 years. After that I qualified as a personal trainer and have pursued a career in the CrossFit world ever since! Alan is REPS qualified, as well as attending courses such as the CrossFit Level 1 and CrossFit Endurance.

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  • Tim Ayling

    Coach & Head of CrossFit Kids Program

    Tim has worked in the fitness industry since 2006 and he currently owns his own Personal Training Studio in the centre of London.

    Tim found CrossFit in 2012 where he witnesses the members of Reebok Crossfit Thames fight it out for a place on their team for a competition, needless to say he was intrigued!

    Tim and his wife and I have been members ever since and he feel CrossFit has changed them both emotionally and physically for the better.

    Tim started the Crossfit Kids program at CrossFit Thames in 2016 as he felt this is where he could make the most impact.

    Tim's CrossFit Kids program is all about being a positive influence on the next generation, by teaching them to be self confident, agile athletes who love to move, be strong and live healthy.

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  • Alice Miller


    Alice Miller is a fully qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer and CrossFit Level 1 Coach.

    Alice's diverse experience enables her to be ideally placed to programme and coach various individuals to achieve their goals.

    Alice emphasises a personal approach to class training and individuals whilst always ensuring a fun and safe workout environment. A keen believer in coaching correct technique and form, she delivers more than a workout for her clients.

    A Kiwi born vegetarian, lover of good food and music with a passion for health, lifting heavy weights and education.

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  • Melissa Ginsburg


    We are proud to announce that Melissa has officially joined the coaching team here at CrossFit Thames this week!

    For those of you that haven’t had the pleasure of meeting her or working with her just yet, she was born and raised in Boston, Melissa moved over to London nearly ten years ago to study for her Master’s Degree in International Relations.

    She has always loved sport, having played football throughout her childhood. Her sister first introduced her to CrossFit over four years ago and she hasn’t looked back, now taking part in competitions across the UK and Europe.

    Melissa is a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer. After gaining some initial coaching experience she joined Thames where she completed the internship programme. She has also taken part in the Strength Education course. She’s passionate about helping people to move well, exceed their expectations and improve their health and lives in the process.

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  • Sinead Roberts

    Nutrition Coach

    Sinead is the owner of Feed.Fuel.Perform, our nutrition coaching partner. Without appropriate food eaten in appropriate quantities humans cannot reach their full potential – in CrossFit, or in life! Sinead is here to help you fuel your body in a way that supports your performance and fitness goals.

    Sinead earned her doctorate researching the metabolism of the cells of the body. After discovering CrossFit whilst working in the corporate world, and appreciating first hand the impact that nutrition has on the ability to perform in the gym and in a high pressure working environment, Sinead returned to the world of metabolism to found Feed.Fuel.Perform.

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  • Christine Maier

    Yoga Instructor

    Christine is on a mission to help you find your path to meditation through activity. She lives and breathes dynamic movement through her passion for yoga, longboarding & skateboarding, riding her bike and all sorts of outdoor adventures, preferably somewhere in the mountains!

    Yoga classes run every Saturday 12:30 to 13:30, check out our online schedule.

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