What Fortitude Fitness London
Is All About

Starting as strangers and before you know it, this community will be the best part of your day. Forming life-long friends along the way.

The person next to you will be your biggest supporter, they will challenge you, inspire you and motivate you; to be the best version of yourself.

When you walk through our doors…


The first thing you will notice is a large empty space, every bar, every weight and every plate will be tucked away in its place, silently waiting.

Huddle around the whiteboard, the workout of the day will always be there. We will explain the workout, then warm up together and set up our stations together. Every movement will be practiced and we will dedicate quality time and effort in getting your technique right.

Are you ready? 

Take a deep breath and look around, notice how the empty space from a few minutes ago is now occupied by a group of incredible athletes, including YOU. You may or may not know this about yourself, but we know you are an athlete and we cannot wait to to train with you and help you achieve your goals. 
If at first you are nervous, that’s okay, in fact, it’s completely natural!

Part of Fortitude Fitness London is the Honey Empire. The mission is to help as many people as possible, those that need it most and to create a platform where our members can serve others beyond themselves and be apart of the greater purpose.

To bring communities together through fitness , challenges, events and raise awareness, support and money for those in need.
We want to use the business to not only help people get fit, healthy and transform their lives but to also create meaningful connections in the world and to help make it a better place.

About Our Coaches

coach/ co-founder Milo

Milo Macdonald-Thomas

Head Coach, Co-Owner

Milo spent most of his younger years growing up in the Military. Milo served with the British Army for 8 years with various units and served on 4 operational tours to Afghanistan. Since then he has dedicated most of his waking hours in the gym to learn and be the best coach he can be for everyone that walks through the doors to Fortitude Fitness London.  

Misty-Leigh Botha

Coach, Co Owner

Misty grew up in South Africa, with a career opportunity bringing her to London in 2014. She has a finance background, but coaching and CrossFit is where her passion lies. Her athletic background is varied, from competing in touch rugby at a provincial level, to athletics and netball at university.

Misty is a CrossFit level 2 trainer, has completed the CrossFit internship at CF Thames/Fortitude Fitness London and has continued her studies with various CrossFit online courses and most recently having attended the StrongFit seminar.

coach/ co-founder Misty
coach harry

Harry Oxley


With over 6 years of experience in the fitness industry, from weight loss to weightlifting, Harry has helped clients from all backgrounds achieve their goals.

In the last 4 years, he’s gone from competing in Olympic Weightlifting to owning his own British Weightlifting facility, Essex Weightlifting.

When he’s not coaching weightlifting, his massive passion is coaching gymnastics within the CrossFit environment, and helping people achieve their first Pull-ups or handstands.

Qualifications include:

Level 3 Personal Training
Level 2 British Weightlifting
Level 1 CrossFit Trainer
Level 1 CrossFit Gymnastics

Ryan Lucas-Lowther


If you don’t know Ryan, you soon will. He’s normally walking around the gym with a tripod, flying on the rings or bantering with someone in the gym with his common essex phases.

He’s been doing Crossfit for a few years now, having started as a fundie (introduction 6 week course) at Fortitude in 2018. Since then he’s never left and is always putting in hours of graft and having the coaches support to master all movements.

Ryan’s aim is to help coach & mentor people who want to build an even better version of themselves, as he says we never stop working on weaknesses and you can never stop getting fitter!

Outside the gym, Ryan has three small pooches – Malcolm, Ken & Eric and is a fantastic baker always providing blondies and cakes. He’s always down to have a conversation about a binge worthy TV series.

Coach ryan
Coach Courtney

Courtney Titus aka the Big Sexy


Courtney grew up playing all sports from track and field (100m sprint and shot put) to badminton and American football.

He has his own PT business and focusses is always learning how people train and using this as a base to create workouts they will enjoy whilst also achieving their fitness goals.

Outside of the gym is Courtney is passionate about the San Francisco 49ers (American Football) and an avid Tottenham Hotspur fan. Aside from sports he enjoys reading comic books, animation, Sci-Fi and all things cake; brownies, doughnuts , angel cake.

Level 2 & 3 Personal Training

Fitsz Dubova


Fitz is a personal trainer/Calisthenic specialist with over a decade of experience training individuals and groups. Over that time, he uses a refined and developed a robust understanding of innovative training methods. I enjoy using multi-disciplinary un-orthodox methods to help my clients to achieve their goals.

Achievements and Qualifications:

Greater London Powerlifting Championships <66kg 1st Place 2016
UK& Ireland Calisthenics championships <66kg 1st place 2016
World’s strongest hands <66kg 1st Place – 2016
World Calisthenics Organization Instructor (WCO Level 1 & 2)
KBT – Strength & conditioning (Level 1 & 2)


Portrait of Fitz

Want to work with us?

At Fortitude we pride ourselves in having expert coaches that are continually learning and honing their craft to get you the best results and support you in your fitness journey.

This comes from our own discipline, extreme ownership and humility. We are wanting to be the best and learn from the best. We take what is valuable from all fitness philosophies and apply it, add value to it, do what we know to work, as there is no one way. You can always be better and do better.

In this quest, we have created an internship program where we can teach those that are wanting to be part of our coaching staff or just want to learn from the best so that they can coach with confidence elsewhere.

We limit the amount of people we take each year so that we can put full focus into their growth and development. The program occurs every year, and helps adds to our Honey Empire on providing a platform for those to support their ambitions and goals.

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