• Lemon Raspberry Bake – Nutrition Coach Sinead

    18 February 2020 Milo

    Happy stomach kinda breakfast/snack Last Sunday I chatted on my difficulty with my Gut and shared a Feed.Fuel.Perform blog post by Dr Sinead Roberts on the importance of Gut health. The below is one of the recipes that S…

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  • Health and Performance Might Take Guts … – Nutrition Coach Sinead

    16 February 2020 Milo

    The blog below is by our awesome in house Nutrition Coach, Dr Sinead Roberts, but I wanted to add a little comment to it, as it is something that has impacted my life quite substantially. I have no diagnosed issue with m…

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  • Reminder! Bring a friend week and Beyond the Workout!

    14 February 2020 Milo

    Hey Team! We have a few things coming up which we don’t want you to miss out on. We have plenty of skill work vibes for you all to work on and a free week of training for you and your friends to come down and try s…

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  • A reminder on our Competition Class coming back this month – (Sat 22 Feb!)

    11 February 2020 Milo

    Hey peeps! A reminder on our Competition Class coming back this month 🙂 (Sat 22 Feb!) How it will work: 1 Saturday a month there will be a coached competition class. This will be from 8:30 am-10 am, and we will expect…

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  • Mobility and Stability – Coach Dan

    9 February 2020 Milo

    Have you ever tried to get into a solid front rack position with just a barbell, but struggle to get to depth until you’ve loaded the bar with something heavier? Or perhaps you can get to the bottom of your squat, but …

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  • The One With All The Other Events

    6 February 2020 Milo

    So on Wednesday, we put up our Throwdown Schedule for you all to check out and start getting yourselves mentally prepared for them 🙂 Today we have all the other things throughout the year that you all know and love. T…

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  • 2020 Thames Throwdowns! When, what and how?!

    4 February 2020 Milo

    Hey Team! To help you all plan out your fitness vibes for the year we are releasing when we will be having our in house throwdowns for you all to have some fun and some inter gym competition! 🙂 If that’s not you…

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  • The CrossFit Thames Internship 2020

    2 February 2020 Milo

    The CrossFit Thames Internship Program participants have the opportunity to contribute to the amazing community we have here at Thames while receiving an unmatched, behind-the-scenes learning experience. Though interns w…

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  • Competition Class and Comps available

    31 January 2020 Milo

    Hey awesome peeps! So the bug has bitten some of you hard, which is awesome and why we are bringing Comp class back! If you are super old school, you may remember this from the old old old days. Although we are changing …

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  • Change To Saturdays WOD

    28 January 2020 Milo

    Hey Team! We are changing Saturdays WOD to “Mamba & Gigi” after the incident with the incredibly unfortunate passing of one of the greats. Kobe Bryant, His daughter Gianna and 7 other people died in a he…

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