• Congratulations to CF Thames Team at Strength In Depth!

    26 January 2020 Milo

    Congratulations to this team of legends who took on Strength In Depth over the weekend team. Coach Misty, early birds Amanda and Rich and Thames Celebrity Smithy took on 7 Events across the weekend. After the event was o…

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  • 3 Tips To Staying On Track – Head Coach Milo

    21 January 2020 Milo

    Hey Team! Short and sweet today. A lot of us have set new goals for ourselves for a big 2020 and that’s awesome! However, we don’t want those vibes and goals to fall to the wayside which can happen all too ea…

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  • Hypertrophy For CrossFit – By Head Coach Milo

    19 January 2020 Milo

    Focused hypertrophy training is often overlooked by coaches and athletes in CrossFit. Perhaps this is because hypertrophy is generally considered to be within the realm of bodybuilding, and old school CrossFit was genera…

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  • Strength Through Mobility Course With Coach Dan

    17 January 2020 Milo

    If you have seen me around for the past month or so staring blankly into the distance you will have caught me in the middle of doing some concentrated mobility work! Over a month ago I decided it was time to put more foc…

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  • Oly Club For The Week!

    14 January 2020 Milo

    Wednesday Oly Club 1) Muscle snatch 3 x 2 2) BTK Hang pull + Hang snatch 3 x 1+1 3) OH Squat 3 x 3 Tempo 3010 4) Back Squat 4 x 5@2 RIR 5a)Pull Ups 3 x 5-10 5b)Hamstring curls 3 x Amafa Sunday Oly Club 1) Power Clean 4 x…

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  • Enjoy The Newbie Gain Train! – By Head Coach Milo

    12 January 2020 Milo

    Hey Team! 

 Too many people see being a beginner a bad thing especially when it comes to fitness. F-that. There are so many advantages that you should be taking and remember everybody was once a beginner so it’s n…

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  • Oly Club For The Week!

    7 January 2020 Milo

    Wednesday Oly Club A) Power clean + Split jerk 3 x 1+2@RPE 8 2 x 1+1@RPE 8 B) Front Squat 6 x 2@75-80% or 2 RIR Tempo 3010 C)RDLs 3 x 8 Tempo 2121 D1) Pull ups (weighted) 3 x 5 D2) Push ups 3 x Amap Sunday Oly Club A) Po…

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  • Goal-setting is the first step in creating your success – Head Coach Milo

    5 January 2020 Milo

    Everyone, even kids, dream of what it would be like to be at the top of his/her profession: the top athlete, the top coach, the top doctor, the top actor, the top entrepreneur, etc. The difference between the people at t…

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  • I’m Addicted to.. – By Nutrition Coach Sinead!

    29 December 2019 Milo

    Do you crave particular foods? Or do the munchies hit at a certain time each day and you ‘have’ to have that [insert food of choice]? Now, there is nothing wrong with eating something that you want to eat. The proble…

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  • Merry Xmas Team!

    22 December 2019 Milo

    Hey Team! We just wanted to take a second to say we hope you all have a very very merry Christmas! Thank you to all of you for training along with us and joining us on your fitness journeys! We CAN’T WAIT for 2020 …

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