Build Muscle and Strength in 2022!

Fortify Program overviews for 2022!

We are super excited to announce our Programs for the year here at Fortify where we will be focusing in on Hypertrophy and Strength programs to get you the BEST possible results that you can get. This means bringing you the best Programs, showing you the best methods FOR YOU to get those results you want. Using specialist equipment when and where needed for you, your body type and your goals. Ensuring you are moving well and again, making the best progress you can possibly make be it for a year or for a 12 week program.

Read on below to get a little overview of the programs we have set up so far ( we have plans to add more soon for more Strength Specific goals). Each program has a little overview of the program and some Example Workouts. Any questions then you know where to find us. Hint hint , you’re already on our website… 😛

First Program!
Upper/ Lower Split! (Hypertrophy)


This Program will be the first one of the year where we will be working on Hypertrophy as the main priority. It will be broken down into 3 Phases (each consisting of 4 weeks of training).

Across each of the phases we will be building across in volume and intensities to maximise the results so you can ensure you get the absolute best results possible following the program and putting that time and effort it!

This program will heavily feature supersets to extend strength endurance and increasing intensities along with driving hypertrophy results.

What that actually means….

Examples below 🙂


10th of January until the 3rd of April! This phase as with all will be 12 weeks long.

How it works?

As this is limited you do have to sign up to all 12 Weeks of training to be a part of the program. This is both for you to make sure you get everything you want and deserve out of the program but also as we said this is a limited service for us so we want to make sure that we have people on it who are dedicated to making it all the way to the end!

This program will be 4 Sessions a week on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays


349 every 4 weeks if paying in 3 payments


890 if you pay upfront (15% discount)

We have 28 Spots available with 7 already gone! If you want in and you want to make sure you don’t miss out then we suggest you reach out sooner rather than later 🙂

Program 2:
PowerBuild , (Mix of strength and Hypertrophy)

This Program is for people who want to make some dedicated strength gains without sacrificing muscle mass or muscle building goals. It’s is designed around the big 3 lifts for strength (Squat, Bench and Deadlift) whilst maintaining volume and intensities in the accessory lifts to keep joints healthy and importantly to keep triggering muscle growth for continuous gains!

As with the 1st program this will also be 12 weeks long and be broken down into 3 phases, each consisting of 4 weeks of training. Each will be building on the last to maximise results and to drive adaptation so ultimately you get as strong as possible and jacked 🙂

What that actually means…

Examples below 🙂

How, what and when

We will release more info on this course as and when needed. If you are keen and don’t want to wait then give us a shout and we explain how and what you can do in the mean time to not lose time!

Program 3:
Half Body Split (Hypertrophy)

This will be returning to our roots, to a 2.0 if you will, on the program that we started with. Our first program when starting Fortify was this program. This got our founding members some savage results and although at times a challenging program, it is extremely effective and getting hypertrophy results.

This program is an advanced muscle building program that retains the frequency of a full body program, with each body part being trained 2-4 times a week but allows for a lot more volume to be driven into the workouts. This program will definitely test you, so make sure you are prepared before embarking on this journey. If you can attack it, eat and sleep right. You won’t find many programs that you’ll get better muscle building results with.

Program 4:
Specialist Hypertrophy Phases

There will be more on this one as the year progresses. But in short this phase will be a hypertrophy program based on specific body parts to maximise results in certain are for strength and size development. It will be 3 four week phases with each phase focused on a different body part. Shoulders, Legs and Back. Again we will release more about this when needed and relevant. It can be an incredibly effective tool to finish the training year off strong and maximise gains!

In short, we are ready, excited and fucking pumped up for the year of strength and muscle gains ahead in Fortify for 2022! We hope you’ll join us!

If you are keen on any of the programs then as we’ve said these will be limited so let us know sooner rather so we can get you on our list to reserve a spot!

Speak soon!

Yours in strength,
Head Coach Milo

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