Welcome Back Olympic Weightlifting Program! Aka the Oly Club

We are so excited to bring back a dedicated Olympic Weightlifting program to the gym for those of you who want to dedicate that extra time or possibly even more time on improving your Snatch and Clean & Jerk. We are excited to welcome back a fully dedicated program for improving these and WE CAN’T […]

1st Strength Training Block!

The first Strength Training block is inbound team! Woohoo! Much like we’ve done in the past you can expect to see the what and why’s for each program still and even if the programs are now always ”Biased” towards a specific goal we are still going to be working the program intelligently to get maximum […]

Next CrossFit Program Block!

Welcome to the next programming block for our CrossFit Program. As we have said before, nothing here is changing and we are keeping the focus the same as previously stated in the year. We are going to be hitting one last strength block for the year after the incredible success of the last one, where […]

Timetable For Fortitude Fitness London

We are super excited to announce all of the changes that we are bringing to the gym and all the gains we are bringing to you! If you have any questions on any of the programs then please hit the link for each to read more about it and sign up to the one that […]

New Fitness Program! Fortitude Conditioning

The perfect combination for any fitness goal. Fortitude conditioning is a premier fitness program that offers an all-inclusive fitness experience. The workouts are designed to work the whole body, increase endurance through HIIT, Interval Training, and circuit training. Classes offered to cover both general conditioning and sport-specific workouts. So if you are looking to get […]

Fortitude Strength Training Program

Fortitude Strength is an intense strength training and hypertrophy program. This 1 Hour session (And Quick Strength – 45 Mins) is a group workout that combines powerlifting movement with bodybuilding for increased strength, size, and explosiveness all whilst building a better physique. Get strong, Get sexy, Get results.  What can you expect from the new […]