Charity Event – Murph! 28th of May

Hey team!

It’s time for us to host a Charity Event again and raise some money for a good cause!

We are going to be hitting Murph together as a community on the 28th of May! Woohoo!

What is Murph and how does it work?

Murph is a hero workout that consists of:
1 Mile Run
100 Pull Ups
200 Push Ups
300 Air Squats
1 Mile Run

What makes it a charity event? Who are we supporting and where can we donate?
We are going to be supporting and raising funds for the British Red Cross who is supporting the crisis in the Ukraine but also Afghanistan along with other humanitarian needs across the globe. We are aiming to raise over £5,000 and we would love it if you could support us and help us reach that goal!
We know that we have all had a hard time over the past two years but these two Countries along with others have been affected greatly by the goings on of the world and we want to use our community and our fitness to support and show that even if we ”Just” do fitness we can still help in our own way.
We will discussing the why we chose these two funds at length over the coming weeks but if you have some immediate questions then please reach out. If you want to be among the first to donate you can do so below! 🙂

Please check out our Just Giving page here!

How else are we going to incentivise you to part ways with your hard earned money?
Well, we are so glad you asked! We are going to have a little ”Horse” race amongst the coaches!
We are going to split the Coaches into two teams with Misty the Captain of one and Milo of the other!
More on this later 🙂
Don’t worry if you donate now you can let us know where to cast your vote right up until before the event!

If the team you picks wins the Team Murph then you will be entered into a raffle with the other winning supporters for some cool prizes! Woohoo! Along with the standard bragging rights associated with winning 😛

Anything else?
You bet!
We will also have 1 ”Early bird” raffle a few weeks prior to the event for everyone who donates up until that point!
We also want to give you a bit more umph so… there are also prizes on the day for:
The fastest time of the day for Male/Female
Most determined

Anything else I should know?
Yup, as we are doing this as a community we are going to be preparing for it together too! So every Thursday , 4 weeks out from the event means we will have programming based on hitting Murph in our best capacity!
This is for training for general CrossFit still but also making sure that you can hit it in your best light along with making sure you can walk after it on the day!

We will hit this on Saturday the 28th of May and have heats across the day to make sure you get it done and can come down and support the rest of the people getting it do. We will have food and drink to keep you fuelled pre and after! 🙂

Stay tuned for more announcements and info as we go, along with prizes and a coach betting board. 😛

Yours in Strength

Team Fortitude! x

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