Clean & Jerk Cycle

Hey Team!

After the amazing success of the Snatch cycle which I’m super stoked that you all loved and got some amazing results from we are moving forward with our next one. Clean and Jerk!

We will be running it for 6 weeks. Every class on Wednesday will be working on the clean and positional work to help with the clean and the Jerk.

How will it work with the focus?
Clean: There will be percentage and different positional work every session.
Jerk: With the jerk, we will start with skill/strength work as its always good to drill those positions in even more, get stronger in them and for those of you that are new to it then it will help you build those good patterns to set you up for success!
Then after week 2-3 pending on how you are getting on and how familiar you are with the Split jerk, we will move on to some percentage work with it. (See below for a break down of each week)

Specific Accessory work you should expect to see?
Clean deadlifts! How is this different from normal deadlifts?
You will be working on maintaining your clean positions throughout to help make you stronger with your cleans and again set you up for the best clean possible.

Cycle Week to Week overview
Week 1: Hang clean positional work, Clean Deadlift, Split jerk positional Work
Week 2: Clean percentage work, Split jerk percentage work or skill work (from the rack)
Week 3: Clean percentage work, Clean deadlift strength work
Week 4: Clean Percentage work, Split Jerk Percentage work (From the rack)
Week 5: Clean & Jerk Percentage Work, Specific weakness work on either split jerks or Clean Deadlifts.
Week 6: Clean & Jerk heavy Singles, Clean Deadlifts

Time to get excited! Whoop whoop!

Time to put that work in team and reap the rewards in 6 weeks time! Put those egos aside as ever as Coach Harry and myself (Milo) dish out those cues and you’ll give yourself the best Xmas present ever! A PB On your clean and jerk! 😛

See you there!

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