Competition Class and Comps available

Hey awesome peeps!

So the bug has bitten some of you hard, which is awesome and why we are bringing Comp class back! If you are super old school, you may remember this from the old old old days. Although we are changing it up a little from those days.

How it will work

1 Saturday a month there will be a coached competition class. This will be from 8:30am – 10am, and we will expect you to be warm and gearing to go at 8:30.

The class will have time to focus on some of those high-level skills with the coaches, as well as have 1-2 workouts that will either be individual or teams, done at comp standards and also allow you to go head to head with some of your idols or rivals ☺

It will be aimed at Intermediate and RX individuals. We will run through strategy before the workout as well as hold a debrief after.

This class will be limited to 14 people and will be £15 a class. There will be a booking system, and some classes the workout will be sent ahead of the day for you to bring your strategy or to test the workout before class if you want to. Other days, it will be unknown ☺ We will also let you know the skill focus of that class ahead of time too ☺

These classes are great as the workouts are always ones you would never want to do alone, as well as allowing you some direct coach time on those skills that are preventing you from moving into or from the intermediate or RX category.

Our first date will be Saturday 22 Feb, this will be open to all but will have a Rainhill competition focus, and the workouts will be in a similar theme to how they run their event. The skill focus will be working of more efficient pullups, (including butterfly) as well as toes to bar.

For all the peeps that are super keen on comps at the moment, I have added a list below of the respective ones out there. This list is not exhaustive as it doesn’t include the comps that have closed entries already or Comps that will still release new dates etc. Ie we already have peeps in the March Rainhill Trials, and entry to that is closed, and Rainhill will release new dates for Spring and Summer etc.

If you are interested in being a part of the first one for this year then hit the button below to get signed up! See you there!

Please Sign Up Here!

Competitions with no Qualifiers

Turf Games
Rx Category
Same sex and mixed 4s
20 June – Rosslyn Park London

The Yard Games
Same sex pairs
21 March – Peckham

The Rainhill trials, Body Power
All categories
Individual- all categories
15-17 May- Birmingham

Trinity War BMFG
Same sex 3’s
17-18 July
The John Charles Centre For Sport, Leeds

Equinox – BFMG
Intermediate- RX
Same sex 4s
19-20 Sep

Superhuman games
Functional fitness no category
Individual and same sex- also masters 70 combined age
6th and 7 June
Ashton Park Sports Ground

Available Competitions with Qualifiers

Glacier games
All categories including masters
Mixed pair, same sex, 3s mixed team

No Return
Individuals and teams
18-19 April – London

Lone Wolf BFMG
All categories
20 – 21 June Bruntingthorpe

Winter soldier BFMG
RX including masters
Mixed pairs and 4s
14-15 Nov

To go on sale

French Throwdown
All categories
Individuals and Mixed teams
26-28 June France
– Early bird available