Conditioning Program Focus

Welcome to the new conditioning program that we have here at Fortitude now! As with all our programs we put a lot of thought into these to maximise your results. So if you are looking for something more other than the industry usual of just burning some calories for the sake of burning calories then we have you covered.

More importantly if you need a conditioning program for something specific then we have you covered as each week is programmed intelligently to hit all the different pathways and energy systems so you are actually going to be getting fitter rather than just sweating for the sake of things.

How do we do this?

The 4 conditioning sessions each week broken into an aerobic day, an anaerobic day, a blended day of both energy systems to develop overall work capacity throughout the week and a bonus session each week on the Sunday rotating through all the above for extra gains or if you miss a session in the week.

What does that actually mean and look like? Rather than get too geeky then have a look at an example week below.

Long story short we take care of all the thinking for you. You only need to turn up, put in some work and you will see the results. The coaches will be there to guide you, hold you accountable and more importantly give you that little push when and where needed.

See you soon!

– Head Coach Milo ( for any programming questions or geek chat 😛 )

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For all the info on our Conditioning program then please check out this page for more info! If you are interested in trying a class don’t be afraid to reach out for a free trial and we will take care of the rest. Speak soon!

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