Covid-19 Update

Hey team!

Following the new announcement that London will be at tier 2 from Friday we are just letting you know what that means for us.

The good news is that as far as the day to day goes currently we will remain the same as the restrictions are largely unchanged for us as a business. We work very hard to be Covid secure every day and we have worked hard to be as a vibrant and enjoyable place for you to train safely, have fun and leave better as a human. For us as a community, we do have a few reminders for you of the rules in place and tweaks we are making going forwards.

Key Points and Reminders:
Day to day stays the same
2: Upon entering the gym please ensure you sanitise your hands.
3: Please maintain your distance from each other who don’t live in your household.
4: Pre and Post WOD times. We have 15 Minutes between classes for people to leave and people to arrive without having too much crossover. Please respect this time by leaving no longer than 10 minutes after your session and arriving no sooner than 5 minutes before your class. This will really help us so please help us as a community to respect each others time and space.
5: Ensure you clean your equipment after your session with the cleaning products provided. The only thing we don’t want you to clean is the Rig as we do that separately with a special product.
6: As ever, if you feel sick or unwell then please respect the community and stay at home. Even if you think its minor, please make good choices and stay home 🙂

Whatever you think about the changes, we believe that Fortitude is a safe place to spend time, train and that short of a national lockdown we all need somewhere where we can enjoy a couple of hours away from the craziness of the situation outside and for the majority being leashed to kitchen counters or home desks then it’s vital that we get you moving for both your physical and mental wellbeing.

We have done a great deal to become Covid-secure. So as we said please respect the rules above.

We look forward to seeing you at the gym soon!

– Head Coach Milo

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