CrossFit Programs for 2022!

Hey team!

It’s that time of the year where most of us are switching off from training and work for a week or two. Definitely an important time for all of us even the die hard CrossFitters 🙂 Make sure you take some time to recover from the year and more importantly. Rest up for everything we have in store for you for the next 12 months!

So for some of you this may be a wtf is wrong with Milo’s brain moment haha and for some it may be ah I remember all this craziness 😛

As we haven’t not be closed for some part of the year since 2019, this is how we program out the year. CrossFit is a great program but as I’ve said many times ( and I won’t stop 😛 ) trying to get better at absolutely everything all the time means you probably won’t get better at much long term. So what does that mean for those of us who want to be ninjas at most things?

It means dedicated programs. Dedicated programs where we bias certain elements we are chasing and maintain our other skills/ engine etc as much as we can but they take a slight back seat.

Read on below what this will look like for 2022! Bear in mind this is an overview to give you a feel for what is coming your way. I’ll do more dedicated blogs for each one closer to the time.

CrossFit X-mas Burners!

This will be a 2 Week Phase just after Xmas to get us back into the groove. Do some sweaty workouts. Get moving and breathing heavy and ultimately having a bit of ”Fun” to break in the new year without stressors of percentages or things to ”Worry” about. You can expect to see some partner WODs, some classic CF Combos, some lifting days and just generally CF how most of you think about it. Sweat. Lift. Occasionally die. Smiles and fist bumps. 🙂

Open Prep! + The CF Open 2022

This phase is what it says on the tin. This will be a 6 week phase to get us as open ready as we can be. It will be all about practicing skill that will more than likely come up. ”Lighter” WODs for engine and capacity work. Plenty of intervals to build engine work and plenty of gymnastics for high skill movements but also capacity work to maintain pull ups etc in workouts better.

Strength for CrossFit!

Again, I know I’m being super cryptic about the naming of the programs but this one will be about building strength in movements that will have the biggest carryover and transferability to CrossFit movements. Here we will really focus on getting some of those numbers up in the bigger lifts but also strengthen body parts as well to get the best carry over to movements such as snatches and cleans etc too. It will also be a time where we will do a lot of work again on Strict Gymnastic elements to again make us better all round athletes and keep our bodies healthy. This one will be one of our longer ones of the year coming in at 12 weeks long. But those of you who have done it know that its worth the 20-40kg PB on a deadlift 😉

Strength Endurance & Power Development!

Here we are basically going to turn that new found strength in to something that is more repeatable. As you all know there are limited to zero chances of you doing a CrossFit workout or a comp or anything day to day that involves lifting something one and then being done with it. If you are a competitor its going to be a heavy workout with a 12-9-6 rep scheme or if you are training for fun and healthy vibes then you’re kids want to be picked up continuously and daily! We need to make sure that you’re new found strength that you found above can start being applied to whatever you have set out for. This one will be 8-10 Weeks.

Power Endurance & Gymnastics

For those of you that are older hands you will know this is the time of the year to conveniently be away…. 😛 We won’t lie. This one always hurts. A lot. But it is one of the most effective at building capacities and building an unstoppable engine and bringing all our new found raw strength and strength endurance to new levels to maximise all our progress up until this point. Here you will see interval type workouts and a lot of sprint workouts. We will also be working on our gymnastics, again both in the skill sense but also capacity. Aka being able to consistently hit more reps in workouts and not just a one and done situation.

Classic CrossFit and 12 Days vibes 🙂

Here we will bring it all back round full circle and really test ourselves across all the spectrums we have been working on and have some fun! Obviously as with every year the training will be tied up nicely with the 12 days of CrossFit carnage which is coming your way soon! 🙂


Now, I know this is a broad overview and I haven’t added in dates yet as this may change. There are some things we can quite account for, such as how long CF HQ decide the Open will be this year etc etc. So we will remain a little flexible there for now. This is more to give you some insight into what’s going on behind the scenes so you can best plan your training year too! We will be replicating this with the other programs too so if you are trying to maximise all of them then you know what’s coming your way and which will suit your goals best. Also, remember this IS and always WILL be a CrossFit Program. So whilst we do have goals and Biases that we are working towards there will still be WODs and Burpees and Thrusters etc so don’t panic and think that will disappear in any shape or form 🙂

Head Coach Milo

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