Events – Movement 101 Come To Thames!

New Strength Cycle!

Hey Team!

Just a little reminder for you that our 8 Week Strength Cycle is kicking off on MONDAY! Whoop whoop!

As ever we will be focusing on the main lifts. Squat, Deadlifts and presses! We are spending a lot of time on our Pull ups too so if you are looking to improve your pull up strength then this cycle is going to be golden! Even if you don’t have them but want them then MAKE sure you come in! Don’t avoid it because you “can’t”. Wanting to be better is natural and who we are as a community. Avoiding it because I’m not as good as I want to be is silly. No silliness. 😛 Let’s get to work!

You don’t need to do anything but show up and put in the work and the rest will take care of itself. This was just a reminder to get you pumped! 🙂

Movement 101

We are hosting the ninja Brian from Movement 101 based in Ireland. These guys are full of knowledge at helping people recover range of motion and stability where most will just tell you are “tight” and to “roll” it out. Be it an athlete or desk jockey dealing with tightness and stiffness then these guys are the ones to give you the tools you need to get back to prime time movement patterns. – Head Coach Milo

Looking to train & move better?
Sick of stiff & tight muscles?
Want to enhance your sports performance?
Want to take ownership of your body?
Athletes, Gym goers, Personal Trainers, Physical therapists.
Or simply someone who wants to move better…

This workshop is for YOU.

This workshop will educate & empower you to take real ownership of your body.
Key areas such as Shoulders / Spine / Hips & Feet will be covered along with much much more.
You will leave with practical skills that you can implement into your training & lifestyle immediately. To keep you moving & feeling great for life.
You will receive instructional videos of everything covered in the workshop. A program you will have access to for life.

The course is from 1200 until 1600 on Saturday the 21st of March!
Hit the button below to sing up!
Mobility 101 Seminar!