This membership will help you build muscle whilst creating a strong foundation toward your fitness journey in 12 weeks

PowerBuild is a 12-week programme that will take your body from average to beastly. Each phase of the PowerBuild program brings new levels of intensity, volume and rep schemes so you can challenge yourself in new ways every week. You’ll be pushed harder than ever before but this time it won’t feel like work because we designed the workouts around proven methods for building muscle fast.

Why choose Fortitude Fitness?

Dedicated world class coaches will set you up on a 12-week programme to achieve your goals

This programme includes personalised training plan for the 12-weeks, nutrition content and support, mobility and lifestyle tips.

All workouts are pre-loaded onto the athlete app, If you are unable to make a coached session, you can book in any other time that day and put the work in.

The coached sessions will take place on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

You will receive constant support inside and outside the gym through our private Facebook group


Testimonials from Members of PowerBuild

“Coming out of a quite unfocused lockdown, a program I focussed on rebuilding my muscle base.
Through the coaches’ keen eye and guidance, I was able to focus on lagging body parts I had from years of fitness-oriented training (chest, back) making great progress in terms of size and strength in a short amount of time, additionally being able to focus on long term weaknesses like quad engagement.
And of course, as is a given in Fortitude and Fortify, the community vibes are amazing making it the perfect environment for improvement.”

“My experience on the Fortify programme was amazing. It was the first time I’d purely focused on strength training which I don’t normally enjoy. The incredible coaching and community atmosphere made the weeks fly by, and the results speak for themselves. I can now do strict handstand push-ups which was a goal I was struggling to reach before I started Fortify programme and my deadlift PB has increased by 40kg!! Taking some time to really focus on building my strength base through the Fortify programme was a lot of fun with Misty and Milo coaching, and it was so worth it for how strong I now feel in my boxing and CrossFit training.”

“Excellent program that gives your solid basis to gain muscle and to develop strength! The coaches are available and proactive during the sessions and make sure you give the maximum of yourself whilst ensuring the movements are executed in a safe and optimised way. The atmosphere in this human-scale gym is really friendly and highly motivational! I developed the best shape I have ever had!”