Fortitude Strength Training Program

Fortitude Strength is an intense strength training and hypertrophy program. This 1 Hour session (And Quick Strength – 45 Mins) is a group workout that combines powerlifting movement with bodybuilding for increased strength, size, and explosiveness all whilst building a better physique.

Get strong, Get sexy, Get results. 

What can you expect from the new Strength Training Program? 

Getting strong as f..k! 

We will be working the magic that we have learned over the past decade of training people to get maximal strength gains. There will be 3 sessions a week. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

The program will be programmed by Head Coach Milo and those of you who have done his programs before know that it means as close to guaranteed success as possible! The program will move through phases to continuously get results; that means you can do it for eight weeks for a certain goal or you can do it for longer and constantly improve!

The programming will be working on “Raw” strength lifts e.g. Squat, Presses, and Deadlifts. We will work on other essential movements to getting strong such as pull-ups and dips etc plus plenty of hypertrophy work to keep our bodies healthy and making progress whilst getting strong and jacked! 🙂 

Say no more how do I sign up? 

Strength Membership

You can join a Strength membership where you get access to the strength classes for £195. This means you will have access to all of the Strength classes and programming to get consistent results! Or you can buy a pack, see below.


  • 1 Session – £25
  • 10 Sessions – £220 (Per session £22)
  • 20 Sessions – £390 (Per session £19.50)
  • 50 Sessions – £850  (Per Session £17) 

Unlimited membership!
This is part of your access to the gym. Crack on!

If you are interested in and Unlimited Membership and all the programs we have to offer then we advise you chat to a coach who can help best guide you to get exactly what you are looking for. 

Why should I join this Strength Training program? 

Because you want to get stronger than you already are! Be it day one of your fitness journey or the start of decade two. We all want to be stronger and make progress in the gym; this program will do exactly that. It will get you strong, moving better, and feeling better. It will also make you sexier. Happy days! 

What am I going to get out of it? 

  • Build Confidence
  • Get Stronger
  • Faster Muscle Gains
  • Develop Better Physique

Don’t miss out on all the strength gains we are going to be making with this! This strength training program will get you insane results and you don’t want to get left behind. Come try a class for free and then sign up and get after it! We will be here to coach and support you every step of the way!

When are the classes?

You can find our full schedule here!

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