It’s easy to get started at CrossFit Thames, here’s how.

1 Sign up for Fundamentals

It’s the best way to get started! You will meet 3 times in a small group with a coach who will teach you the basics of CrossFit. Each 60 min class includes a warm up, coaching of the proper form, and a workout. It’s designed for anyone who wants to get a taste of what CrossFit is like in a safe, effective, and judgement-free environment. The course is £95 and is limited to 5 people per session. The sessions usually fill up two weeks ahead of time, so click on the button below to get yourself signed up for the next one.

2 Experienced and Looking to Drop In?

We understand some of you are just in town for a bit and are looking to get in your session while you can. All you have to do is follow the link below to sign a waiver and book in for when works for you.

3 Or, ask us a question!

Have a burning question about our gym or program? Want to know if Thames is right for you? Send us an email or give us a call at (0)20 3318 5900 and we will answer your question ASAP.

Does your workout work?

  • You know you need to stay in shape, but you dread going to the gym. It’s crowded, you don’t know anyone, you have to wait for the machines, and you never know if you’re using the equipment correctly or if you have the right technique.

    The first thing I used to do when I moved somewhere new was join the local gym. However, I rarely went and when I did I had to drag myself there. I just didn't like the atmosphere, I found the machines boring and again had no structure to my training.

    — Amanda, on her “globo-gym” experience
  • Or maybe you have a hard time sticking to a training program or fitness routine. A typical scenario is you start a new program with tons of excitement, and maybe even see a little progress, but life gets in the way after a few weeks and things fall apart.

    My biggest struggle was staying motivated. I had the feeling that training was just something that had to be done, it's not something I ever used to enjoy

    — Leigh.H. on losing motivation for a program
  • Maybe you’ve joined a gym, tried some fitness classes, did some running and are enjoying it but you just aren’t getting results. You look the same! You weigh the same!

    After my shoulder injury I couldn't find a sport that was exciting and challenging at the same time, or one that got me results. Now I am back to size 10 and it doesn't feel like an effort.

    — Monika, on lacking real results and finding a enjoyable challenge
  • Maybe you’ve even tried a few similar programs in the past, but just never caught on to the vibe of the place or found one that was right for you.

    I was a member of a well known UK gym, participating in group fitness classes and never stepping foot into the weights or cardio rooms. The classes were massive and there was a great deal of anonymity. The instructors didn't know who I was, or what my goals where. There were multiple times where I was not motivated to go - who would notice that I wasn't there?

    — Mandy, on losing motivation and failing to get results

There are a ton of other reasons, but the bottom line is: You aren’t getting the results you want!

How do you get the performance you want, and the body you want without it being such a chore?  All it takes is a change of focus and the right structure to help you succeed.


Change of focus.

Stop thinking of your workout as WORK, and focus on SKILL and PERFORMANCE. Running on a treadmill is WORK…learning how to climb a rope, do a proper squat, or swing a kettle bell is learning a new SKILL. Losing 10 lbs feels like WORK, and is not nearly as fun as getting your first pull up (or 20th), or improving your time on a 500m row. Focusing on physical PERFORMANCE will not only give you new athletic ability, but it will make losing 10 lbs a breeze. A focus on developing skills and improving your performance will bring out your inner athlete.  The more you train like an athlete, the more you will look like an athlete.


Ok, so you have a goal and a reason WHY you are doing what you’re doing, and have a new focus on making yourself the best athlete you can be…now what? You need to know exactly WHAT to do, you need to be shown HOW to do it, you need SUPPORT to help you, and it has to be in the right ENVIRONMENT. This is where our program comes in. We give you tools and structure, and environment you need in order to be successful. Our main focus on helping you live better through fitness, and we produce results for you with expert coaching in a community of motivated and supportive training partners. You see, willpower doesn’t work, and as much as we believe we are in control…it’s tough to stay motivated at the end of a long day when you know you have to fight traffic and find parking to go work out at a crowded gym AND come up with your own workout routine.

When you become a Thames athlete, this is how your experience will look.

You’ll find our gym easily at Cannon Workshops by West India Quay and park effortlessly (and for free) in our lot. Coaching a squat when you walk in, you’ll be greeted with a smile by our staff and other athletes. You’ll notice how clean and well-maintained the gym is as you sign in and get ready to join the session in our member chill out area. Over the next 60 mins, you will be warmed up, stretched, and coached through the movements of the day. This is followed by a workout and a wrap up. Your coach will be there to ensure proper form, range of motion, and intensity, helping you scale to fit your needs and ability level. Because you hit a personal best that day, you ring the PB bell and everyone lets out a big cheer. You’ll wrap up with some mobility and say goodbye to your friends and training partners feeling exhausted but accomplished for finishing another tough workout. You’ll go home having done something you never thought you could, and feeling better than when you come in.

What We Do

We help motivated people like you lose weight, get strong, and feel amazing. We do this through exercise and nutrition coaching in a friendly, supportive community in a world class facility in the East London/Canary Wharf area.

Our workouts are based on the idea of constantly varied, functional movement at high intensity.

  • Constantly Varied

    This means you’ll be doing a different workout every day using the best stuff from gymnastics, running, rowing, kettle bells, weightlifting and bodyweight training.

  • Functional Movement

    We focus on the movements you do in your every day life. A squat is like getting out of a chair, a deadlift is like lifting something from the ground, etc. We teach you to move the way humans are meant to move (watch kids play if you want an example of functional movement in action).

  • High Intensity

    Our workouts are meant to push you. If you don’t push yourself, you won’t see results. However, intensity is different for everyone, so we make sure we properly scale everything to your ability.

We also focus on nutrition, flexibility, sleep, and many other lifestyle factors that affect your health and fitness. Results take more than just workouts, so we address all the important topics for you.

How we do it


The heart of our program is found in the classes and personal coaching sessions. In 60 mins, you will be warmed up, stretched, and coached through the movements of the day. This is followed by a workout and a wrap up. Your coach will be there to ensure proper form, range of motion, and intensity, helping you scale to fit your needs and ability level.

Lectures and Seminars

We hold lectures and seminars on specific topics related to nutrition, mobility, gymnastics, and lifting to give you new skills and help you integrate the program into your life.


Every 3 months, we test your fitness with a series of physical assessments. These are designed to give you a baseline of your fitness and progress, and allow you to celebrate your success with the community.

Events and Challenges

We play new sports, try outdoor workouts, do nutrition and fitness challenges, and enter competitions to give you a chance to use your newfound abilities in real world situations. Sometimes we just like to party as well


Your starting point, designed to give you a solid foundation of movement, nutrition, and fitness. Read more about this below.



Your coach will make sure you know what the movements are, how to do them properly, and why they are important. It’s a process that starts from the basics you learn in fundamentals to refining the more advanced movements as you develop your skills. We will also ensure you have the most up to date and useful information on nutrition, staying flexible, managing stress, getting a good night’s sleep, etc.


Our gym is full of motivated, hard working athletes who will help push you past what you thought possible. By training alongside like-minded people, you are more likely to stick to your program and see results.

You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with‐ Jim Rohn (author)

What results can you expect?

Our athletes lose weight, get stronger, look better on the beach, heal injuries, learn skills they never thought they’d try, and completely change their lives through fitness. Here is what some of them have to say.

  • Monika.V
    When I started I was a size 14. Now I am back to size 10 and it doesn’t feel like an effort!
  • Mandy.B
    I am the strongest and fittest I’ve ever been and CrossFit Thames has made me mentally stronger, happier and given me total confidence and pride in myself.
  • Leigh.H
    I am the fittest and strongest I’ve ever been, but for me the most pleasing result has been how Thames has helped make fitness an integral part of my daily life, and the friends and experiences I’ve gained from Thames are what matter most!

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frequently asked questions

Common questions people have before starting at CrossFit Thames.

  • I've never touched a weight before, Are you sure I can do this?
    You will start slowly, 1 on 1 with a coach. We will keep the weights low and the movements simple. As you get stronger, the coaches will help you progress in weight and skills. Our members range in age from 16 to 74, and the workouts are always adjusted to YOUR level of fitness.

    We do have options for you if you want to avoid doing weights altogether. Book your intro session and we will go through them with you.
  • But seriously, I'm really out of shape...I'm going to be the slowest person at the gym. Are you sure?
    Your fitness level does not determine your success at CrossFit Thames.

    Our most successful members started with no skills at all, and worked every day to get better. Over time, they are doing things they never dreamed possible...seriously.

    Coach Jonny lost 30 lbs doing CrossFit, while Coach Phil added almost the same amount in lean mass.

    Your attitude is so much more important than your waistline.

    You will finish last sometimes, but the sooner you realise that nobody cares and everyone is here to make you better, the faster you will get fit.

    The "No Sweat" intro is a great way to find out if this is right for one and find out!
  • What about injuries? I have a (knee/ankle/shoulder) injury that prevents me from doing xyz, will it work?
    First, check with your doctor if you have injuries or medical conditions. We are not doctors and don't pretend to be.

    That said, we always work around injuries. We have lots of people with past injuries (or current injuries) that we work around, from recent knee surgeries to broken collar bones to amputations.

    Movement is almost ALWAYS preferable to sitting around doing nothing...come try an intro and see if we can work around yours.
  • I've heard CrossFit is dangerous, is that true?
    With poor coaching, careless programming of workouts, and careless technique, it can be dangerous, for sure!

    This is why we start you with the basics, teach you proper technique, and bring you along slowly. It's also why we focus on improving your flexibility and strength over time. If you take the time to learn it the RIGHT WAY it's safer than going to the regular gym and lifting with no coaching and a LOT safer than what most people do for fitness (running injuries anyone?).
  • How much does it cost?
    Our regular membership rates (as of Mar 11 2019) are below.

    All of our memberships offer access to multiple classes and are paid monthly. There are no sign up fees or down payments. We operate on a 30 days notice period for cancellation of our memberships.

    - £205/mo. – 12 Classes Per Month (3x / week)
    - £249/mo. – Unlimited classes

    Our memberships grant you access to special events, a Free Account to Beyond the Whiteboard (your personal training log) and a free initial consultation with our nutrition coach!

    We also offer personal coaching packages.

    Please contact us for more details.
  • I've done CrossFit before, can I jump into classes?
    Every CrossFit gym is different, with a wide variety of coaching styles and movement standards.

    Most people with at least 3 months experience will be fine in our regular classes, but please contact us to give us a bit of background before planning to jump right in to your first class.

    As our coaching standards are high, we may recommend fundamentals if we feel it will improve your overall movement quality and prepare you better for the classes.

  • Where are you located?
    We are located in Cannon Workshops, just of West India Quay.

    We are an eight-minute walk from the Canary Wharf Underground Station, which is accessible via the Jubilee Line. We are a three-minute walk from the Westferry DLR and West India Quay DLR stations.

    Our address is at Unit 178 Cannon Workshops, Cannon Drive, London, E14 4AS.

    Check out our location page and take a tour here -

Even More Questions?

If you have more questions, call us at 0203 318 5900, or email us at and we’ll get back to you right away!

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