Hollywood Program!

Feeling good!

Looking good!

Oughta be in Hollywood!

Well with our life motto for this program explained we are ready to break down the next few phases of training for you and how the schedule will be running. Much like with all of our programs we are trying to make it as clear as possible so no matter your goals you can make it happen with all the classes and all the aims.

Hollywood’s aim is to keep you functional and moving. Building strength over time and staying healthy along with improving muscle mass and density. There will be a focus on aesthetics behind the program as well. It is designed to help you look your best whilst still doing the kind of training we all know and love. Varied, fun and challenging! And trust us there are some challenging days ahead with this program but there are also a ton of results and more waiting if you are brave and get on the gain train!

How does it work?

Well, as above we are working on building strength and muscle mass, improving performance and staying functional along with making you sexier than you already are. Sounds too good to be true? Well if we promised you everything at once then it would be.. 😛

What we are going to be doing with Hollywood is breaking it up into smaller bite size elements of training. In simple terms it means that we are going to go through mini cycles of biases on each element. Aka a phase focused on strength , then a phase focused on Hypertrophy then a phase focused on functionality/performance and leaning down (optional) and then repeating the process. Each phase will be a little different in duration but we will be making sure that you are making and seeing constant improvements over time rather than an aggressive training plan that is either unsustainable or just down right impossible. We right amazing training programs not fiction novels so we aren’t going to lie to you.

We will first be kicking off with a two week ”Fun” break into the new training starting today (Monday the 10th of Jan). Then we will be starting things with a Hypertrophy biased 3 week block. This will lead nicely into the next phase which will be strength for 3 weeks and then lastly finishing off with a 3 week block on PowerBuild type training which is strength into some hypertrophy elements. Again, these will be the biases but we won’t be going full bodybuilding or full powerlifting or anything like that.

We will also keep it fun and interesting with a great mix of training and workouts to keep you engaged and moving to keep getting consistent results. And plenty of terrible yet beautifully simple killer workouts to keep your heart rate up and your blood moving so you don’t get out of breath going up the stairs.

If this all seems a bit too much then basically come to Hollywood. We will get you stronger and help you build muscle whilst having fun and keep you making progress over the long term rather than just a mini short term win. See you there!

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