July Community Post

Hey Ninjas!

Welcome to Julys community post!

A huge welcome to our forever growing community, please all welcome:
Adriana Gomez
Alice McBride
Dominique Ruedi

Here are some highlights from July:

Strength cycle PBS

On the re-opening of our gyms in the UK, Coach Milo programmed our strength cycle to re-find our strength & confidence in lifting heavy again after a long period of time without access to the gym.
Overall 159 total Personal bests achieved at the end of our strength cycle!
A huge achievement and everyone who worked so hard to achieve these!
We hope all of you are enjoying the Power Endurance cycle!!

Semi-Private oly course wrap up

After wrapping up our semi private Oly course led and programmed by Milo, We saw some great results off the back of this & a huge demand for a return of the course.
The planning is currently under way.
Look out for a blog update covering the previous course & what to expect on the new course when all details are finalised!!
Not to be missed!

Louise Murray

Louise took part in a WODproof event, coming second in RX females for fastest 750m row time
Louise got a fantastic score of 2.33, Do you think you can beat Louise’s time?
Give it ago and tag us on instagram!!
Well done Louise!!!

Member Spotlight

Joe Harrison has been a member of Fortitude fitness for just over 2 years now, Within the last 12 months going on to Milos individual programming to help his focus areas, Joe has been on a huge strength phase recently & his hard work and dedication to his programming has paid off with hitting huge uplifts in his lifts!

Joe dedicates a lot of time and passion into bettering himself daily.

Heres a few questions we asked Joe:

What made you get into Crossfit?
I played lots of different sports growing up at different levels but could never really commit to one for long enough. Stumbled across a few YouTube videos on CrossFit as well as the documentary on Netflix. CrossFit includes most of the sports I did growing up so, I thought why not try it out!

Favourite Crossfit Experience so far?
Apart from joining Fortitude just over 2 years ago I’d have to say competing at Rainhill Trails in Manchester for my first ever competition. Closely followed by stacking a box jump in front of Games athletes at the Reebok Nano event…

Favourite Crossfit movement
Tough one but I’d say either Snatch or Muscle-ups 

Favourite cheat meal?
Can’t go wrong with either Pizza, Nando’s or Mexican

Favourite bit of advice someone has given you, you would like to share?
“The aim in life is not to avoid struggles, but to have the right ones. Not to live without fear, but to confront worthy fears with force and passion” 

Upcoming Events

IG: @Noorinn

Olympic Lifting Workshop

We have four awesome workshops lined up for September with a fantastic GB lifter Noorin Gulam!
Check your inbox for the details on the Snatch and Clean and Jerk Workshops!
Make sure to keep Sunday the 19th and 26th of September free!

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