June Community Post

Hey All!

Can you believe we are over half way through the year already?! Madness!!

A huge welcome to our forever growing community, please all welcome:
Andre Philippides
Hassan Majeed

June was an absolutely EPIC month, and as always it was because of our incredible members & the friends/family they bring in to share our happy place!
Here are some highlights:

Battle Cancer
At the start of June we had the great experience of Battle Cancer taking over our classes & the atmosphere was incredible, More importantly, Everyone showed up for battle cancer because of the incredible work they do for Cancer charities and research!
We can not wait to have them take over our classes again!!

Pride Throw-down
A sense of normality that was due for along time!!!
We had our first throw-down of the year and it felt epic!! – The day was all about equality and all coming together as one, and that we did!
Everyone was full on in supporting, cheering & helping others exceed each others expectations! Exactly what we aim to achieve day in day out in the gym!
Total raised for Stone Wall UK charity:
If you haven’t seen the pictures from the incredible day, visit the blog post below!!!

Turf Games
A few of our members represented us in a fantastic light competing as a team at the Turf Games
Misty, Maddie, Clo, Bridget & Sinead competing over Friday & Saturday
Louise, Des, Les, James & Jade on the Sunday!
They all done fantastically and represented Fortitude Fitness in the best possible way!! 😀

Member spotlight

Isra Gadri

Isra joined fortitude fitness from overseas whilst Isra was in the UK to study, Isra shows up daily, motivates her team mates to do well everyday, and shines the positive beaming spark whenever she enters the box!
Isra worked hard also in the private Olympic Weightlifting course to help better her strength, whilst dialling in on her accessory work, extra credit work given & showing up to every session, Isra is now leaving the UK stronger than before!
Isras calm ora & big beautiful smile is noticed by everyone, The grind and work ethic Isra has is incredible!
Whilst Isra will be missed we hope this will not be the last we see of her … & her magical bagels she brings in!

June in a view!

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