New CrossFit Training Cycle! – Power Endurance!

Hey team!

First off I hope you all enjoyed the last cycle where we were really hammering on strength. More so I hope you enjoyed all the PBs! 159 Total PBs during Testing week which is just incredible! Well done to all of you and on all your hard work All of the coaches here are super proud of you!

So what’s next…?

Well, now we have all this newfound strength we need to start building up our ability to use it for something more than just a 1-3 Rep Max haha! This is what our power endurance is going to be all about. Power endurance is being able to apply power continuously and close to our maximums for a period of time rather than a one-and-done situation and we will be using it in the more classic kinda CrossFit style. Hence why we are testing workouts like DT this week too! 🙂 (Method to the madness I promise haha)

What does this mean for you? Well, it means that we are going to be making you a little uncomfortable (more so than usual :P) for the next 8 weeks. You are going to be seeing a lot of interval-type sessions or multiple sets. Say 2 sets of 4 rounds of a WOD. Where you will do 4 rounds for time, rest for 5 mins or so and repeat. Fun fun fun 😛

We are also going to be working on our gymnastic endurance/ capacity work to see again if we can apply all that rowing and back work that we did in the strength cycle to more reps with our bodyweight on the rig.

“What do I need to know?”

Not much to be honest that’s what we are here for haha! Just listen to your coaches 🙂

We will be working on Intervals or chipper style workouts across a broad domain of times to maximise our abilities to perform well in WODs with our newfound strength and we have written out a ton of comprehensive notes for each WOD to help you get the most out of it so please take note and even though you want to push yourself know your areas that you need to check that ego. If an interval has a time cap then there’s a reason!

As our main focus in Power Endurance and building up our capacities strength components for the next 8 weeks WILL always be after the WOD. Again there’s a method to the madness so suck it up and get it done 😛

Wednesday – This will remain a pure Olympic Lifting focus as usual for this cycle with Wednesdays being pretty much all about the Snatch. We will be doing a lot of Overhead strength work before the snatches and each week will be building in nature. At the end of the session, we will be doing some cycling work for strength endurance work with Power cleans! These will be quite spicy so make sure you tape up those thumbs! 🙂

Saturdays – Team workouts for this phase will be gone. (but don’t worry we actually have loads programmed for you in the week during this phase! Huzzah team death vibes 😛 ) Saturdays will be a mini Wednesday for the next block where we will be working on positions and strength for those cleans. There will be little hypertrophy finishers there too to help you get a pump and feel sexier going into the weekend! 🙂

If you have any questions team then please feel free to reach out and I can answer more in-depth if and where needed. See you soon!
– Head Coach Milo

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