New Fitness Program! Fortitude Conditioning

The perfect combination for any fitness goal. Fortitude conditioning is a premier fitness program that offers an all-inclusive fitness experience. The workouts are designed to work the whole body, increase endurance through HIIT, Interval Training, and circuit training. Classes offered to cover both general conditioning and sport-specific workouts. So if you are looking to get ready for a 10k, Hyrox, a Spartan race, improving your work capacity for CrossFit or just fat loss and health & fitness, then this class will have you covered! 

What can you expect from our new fitness program?

The program will be four 45-minute sessions per week, Tuesday, Thursday Saturday, and Sunday. The sessions will be intelligently programmed to help you make progress on your fitness journey and achieve your goals. The four sessions will be complementary to each other, we will be working on different elements of “conditioning” to make sure that you are improving your fitness rather than just sweating and working hard for the sake of it. Basically…. We do all the thinking and planning for you, you just need to turn up and work!

LET’S GO! How do I start? 


You can join a Conditioning membership where you get access to all conditioning classes for £195 every 4 weeks, or you can buy a pack, see below.


  • 1 Session – £25
  • 10 Sessions – £220 (Per session £22)
  • 20 Sessions – £390 (Per session £19.50)
  • 50 Sessions – £850  (Per Session £17)

Why should I sign up to this new fitness program?

Because you know that just sweating and “burning” calories for the sake of it isn’t going to get you very far. We have a lot of experience in making people “fitter” and it’s always better when there is a plan, which we will take care of for you. Additionally you workout with like-minded people who want to see you succeed and have you as part of the community.

What am I going to get out of it? 

– An intelligent conditioning program
– Our workouts will help you achieve your fitness goals and get in great shape! 
– Group classes with people who want you to succeed and work hard with! 
– Coaches with tons of experience that will be guiding you, pushing you, and holding you accountable for real results

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to take your fitness program to new levels. Work hard AND smart with us and make some serious progress with your fitness goals! See you soon!

When are the classes?

Check our full schedule here!

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