New Olympic Weightlifting Block!

Hey team!

It’s nearly that time again already for a new block to start with the Olympic Weightlifting Club Program! Whoop whoop!

So we are in our last week of the latest 12 Week cycle where we did a lot of Drills and positional work. Now after a little testing to see where we are at we are going into the next phase! The next phase is going to be more focused on Loading! That doesn’t mean going super heavy all day everyday but it does mean living in the higher percentages more frequently to really get our strength and reps up. It also is a perfect time to really keep hammering those positions with the increased loading.

What will the next Olympic Weightlifting week look like?

A) Snatch Overhead Strength
We will be working this with Snatch Grip Push presses and Snatch balances. This will really reinforce those positions and make that snatch position stronger and more stable overhead.
B) Cleans with extra front Squats! , Exactly what is says :P, We will be looking at improving our strength and abilities with the heavier loads so Cleans into Front Squats are perfect!
C) Snatch Pulls to improve positions under heavier loads.
D) Back Squats to get strong! ( Plus for those of you still following the CF days then you don’t have to try and double dip to not miss out on Squat day! )

A) Snatch , Just working that full lift and getting it done! Here will be the more ”Volume based” Day where we will hit doubles or triples.
B) Clean and Jerk Complex , Still working on that Leg strength here while hitting those cleans. So we will start with extra cleans and then hit a jerk after.
C) Tempo Front Squats , Building on those legs even more we will add in the tempo for improving the stability and control of the movement while still hitting some decent strength work! Win win!

Sunday Church Service!
A) Snatch, Heavy Single day! Smash! Lets go!
B) Clean , Heavy Single Day!
C) Jerk, Slightly more volume and really work on those positions and strength in the movement!
D) Back Squats because gainz!

For those of you who are wanting to get more geeky then as ever I’d be more than happy to dig into it a little more if you have specific questions!

For everyone else, lets hit this last week hard and hammer the last few sessions and then we can get excited about the next phase for the Olympic Weightlifting Program! LFG!

Head Coach Milo ( )

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