New Olympic Weightlifting Program!

This training program is going to be all about improving your Olympic Weightlifting. We will be covering the main lifts; Snatch, and Clean & Jerk both in terms of technique work, as this is a crucial part of Olympic weightlifting and also the strength. Whether you have been lifting for years or only a few weeks then this programme will help you make those ever-important gains and PBs on your Snatch and the Clean & Jerk.

What can you expect from our new Olympic Weightlifting program?

4 Sessions a week dedicated to making you better at Olympic weightlifting! We will have sessions programmed intelligently to help you continuously make gains and improve your lifts by making them sexier with better technique and progressive weight gains on the barbell!

Sessions will be on Monday, Wednesday, Friday (60 Mins) and a longer session on Sundays (90 Mins)

LET’S GO! How do I start? 


This is a part of our Unlimited membership which includes access to all the classes we have to offer and all programs! Please reach out to us to discuss options , we look forward to hearing from you!

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  • 1 Session – £25
  • 10 Sessions – £220 (Per session £22)
  • 20 Sessions – £390 (Per session £19.50)
  • 50 Sessions – £850  (Per Session £17) 

Why should I sign up to this new Olympic Weightlifting program?

Because you want to make progress with the Olympic lifts and/ or learn the right technique to improve your strength in lifts, improve your flexibility and proficiency with the lifts and be an all-round sexier badass than you already are 🙂

When you’re training for Olympic weightlifting, it can be hard to know where to start.

Whether you’re a beginner trying to improve your lifts or an intermediate lifter looking to get stronger, Fortitude Weightlifting is the program for you. We’ll help take your lifting skills from good to great!

Fortitude Olympic Weightlifting is a comprehensive strength and conditioning program that will help you become a better weightlifter by focusing on positional strength deficits through corrective exercises and improving overall balance in your lifts. We also work on specific power development by working on multiple squat, deadlift, and lift variants when executing the snatch or clean & jerk!

What am I going to get out of it? 

– An intelligent program that you just need to show up for and you’ll see results! 
– Group classes with people who want you to succeed and work hard with! 
– Coaches with tons of experience that will be guiding you, pushing you, and holding you accountable for real results

Don’t just watch people get better at their lifts and not improve your own! Be the one putting in the work on Instagram and lifting bigger and bigger weights 🙂 See you soon!

When are the classes?

Check our full time table here!

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