New Programs! What, Where and Yay!

Hey Team!

So as a lot of you have seen we are always looking to improve and bring more and more to you all as members. So the next step in that is and adding extra classes for the Oly ( as promised a few months back we wanted to make this a more dedicated program). We are increasing the amount of classes for Strength too! We are adding in a competitive class for the Gung Ho CrossFit Peeps amongst you that are looking at Dominating the Open and other comps in the year. And lastly but definitely not least we have added a whole new program which is currently being called Hollywood! 🙂 Read more on each below or to what is relevant to you.

One key thing to note on all of them. No matter where they are held or who is Coaching them, these classes and programs are all a part of your memberships! Now, let’s go Cruuuuush those 2022 goals!

Oly Classes

So starting off with the Oly we are adding an additional day to the program to make it a more complete program to help you with those elusive snatch numbers and tekkers you are looking for to take your lifting to the next level. We also have some new coaches who will be joining the team which we are super excited about, but for now you will have to trust us and just know that there is another Oly ninja who will be helping you reach new heights! 🙂
I’ll release a blog on the training cycles for this soon so you can plan accordingly mostly for those of you who are using it as an add on rather than your main staple of training.

Strength Classes

With the Strength classes we have also added an extra day of offering for you all to maximise strength gains and hunt down some big numbers or just better bodyweight strength ratios. Or to supplement your training of running with some well thought out dedicated Strength training. Either or we’ve got you! The biggest change here is that it will now be held in ”Fortify” (the other gym through the arches in the Workshops). We can’t wait to have you all in the classes soon and to make some absolute gainz! Currently these classes are only in the evening but in the coming weeks and months we will be adding them to the morning schedule too.

Comp Class

Whoop Whoop! This is one that has been asked for a lot and we are going to be getting stuck in! These classes are exactly what you think they are going to be. CF with some added intensity and carnage 😛

All jokes aside these classes are written and intended for those of you who are looking at dominating the functional fitness/ CrossFit space in comps as individuals or teams. What will be the biggest difference in these classes compared to CrossFit Classes is the Volume, Weights and what I’m going to call ”Teaching” time. First with the volume, the volume will generally be higher to help replicate that of a competitive environment and to get the desired stimulus in training. The weights will generally be higher as most comps are extremely weight dominant. That being said these comp Class are still for every strength level. If you are aiming at Rx- intermediate or scaled divisions then we will have rough scaled target weights too. And lastly with the ”Coaching” time all we mean here is that there will be less teaching of movements and set up to go through every movement in detail and be more geared towards Coaching athletes through a workout for them to get the best and fastest result in their desired comp. So there will be a bigger emphasis on making movements better and smoother rather that breaking down the movement entirely on how it should be done. Hopefully that makes a little sense.

What I think is important to remember, Comp Class is available for every single person in the gym regardless of strength level, amount of comps done or any kind of skill base. The only thing you’ll need is a strong want to do better and to be pushed and push those around you. From there the programming , Coaches and the other athletes in the class will take care of the rest.

A quick one on programming, which I’ll dive deeper on later, is that the programming will always be biased towards the next big upcoming Competition. As an example, the first 8 Weeks of Programming is purely geared towards getting you as close to Open ready as we can possibly get you! So this ties in well with the regular programming nicely. Later we will roll out the next comp focus so you can plan accordingly. Again more on all this later 🙂

NEW PROGRAM! Hollywood!

New Program! Huzzah!

The new program is exactly what you think it is 😛

Hollywood is written and programmed for those of you who love the functional fitness vibes but are more geared towards looking sexy as fu*k more than how much weight is on the bar. Hollywood is a program that will fluctuate between hypertrophy (building new muscle) , Strength (making said muscle stronger) and Strength Endurance. Strength endurance is a perfect way to maximise gains made and it is also a great training method of fat loss with maintaining muscle in mind!

We are super excited for this one to kick off and we are certain that for some of you its the perfect combo of Strength training , muscle building whilst maintaining an ability to move and be fit and healthy that you have been looking for but never quite been able to find! It will be hard, fun and you’ll love it and 100% make some serious sexy vibe gainz!

If you have any questions on anything above or something we haven’t touched on yet then you know where to find us 🙂

Now… let’s go to work!

Head Coach Milo

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