Next CrossFit Program Block!

Welcome to the next programming block for our CrossFit Program. As we have said before, nothing here is changing and we are keeping the focus the same as previously stated in the year. We are going to be hitting one last strength block for the year after the incredible success of the last one, where we had a 159 total PBs! 😀

We are going to be building on all that work and we are also going to be keeping up the work on our Handstand Push up work. So prepare yourselves for more PBs there too!

What are the main focus points of the new CrossFit Program?

We will be working on plenty over the next 8 weeks so tuck in! 🙂

We will have a theme for the week to help you track the week and as ever, make the most of the program for each and every individual at the gym.
Monday: Front Squats & Chipper Style WODs
Tuesday: HSPU work, Press work & Short WOD or extra accessory
Thursday: Deadlift and WOD
Friday: Back Squats and Intensity WOD/Intervals etc
Saturday: Team WODs/ Oly Lifts or Bonus Joy 🙂

As you can see above of the rough week break down you’ll see we will be spending a lot of time on the big lifts such as Front & Back Squat, Deadlifting, Pressing (bench or strict pending on your goals) and a lot of Strict HSPU work to help that progression that a lot of you have seen in the last cycle. It will have a similar format combined with some more press work in the cycle itself to keep driving progression.

Example week below 🙂

As ever team we hope you are excited for the next block! We won’t lie we are loving the look of a lot of these WODs and you’ll be seeing us along side you in the pain cave here and there haha 🙂 Roll on the next PB wave! 🙂

If you want to go over anything then you can find me here:


– Head Coach Milo

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