Next Training Block!

Hey team!

It’s about that time again for a little change in the programming. That Strength Train is making a come back!

We are going to be using the base we’ve been creating again and working on some strength with the Squat, Hinge and Press in all its classic glory!

We won’t be going as intense or as long as last time so stress not for those of you who want some good old classic conditioning that looks easy on paper and then has the classic Milo wtf spin on it… 😊

These workouts are going to be short and punchy at times and others slower with some good old volume. Just know as always there is a rhyme and a reason to make sure you keep progressing and are always making progress with your fitness/ Strength levels.

Simple Breakdown

We will be breaking the next 12 Weeks into two 6 Week Blocks that will lead one to the next. The first biasing a bit more strength starting at some higher reps. Then as we are progressing dropping in reps to build in weight. Then for the second 6 Week block we will hit a mini ‘’reset’’ with some of the weights, rebuild one last time along with a building intensity with the conditioning.

We have done a cycle like this in the past and it produced some phenomenal results across the gym.  As ever by the end you’ll love and hate me all at the same time and I’ll be happy. Everyone wins! Then you can go tell your friends how amazing we are and bring them down to train with us 😊

Week 1 kicks off on the 15th of August!

Strap in. Time to get stronger and sexier!

As ever if you have some specific questions then you know where to find me!

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