Next Training Cycle and New Programming Tracks!

Hey Team!

Summer is inbound which means everyone is getting their tops off, even the non CrossFitters 😛

So with that, here comes the next cycle of training!

The next cycle is going to be getting us back to moving and rebuilding that engine. Getting some good old fashioned strength endurance work going, getting our new 1-3 Rep Maxes to repeatable numbers. We want to be strong for Life not just 1 Rep.

For those die hard among you who love a barbell and strength work then fear not. You won’t lose your barbell or strength work. Now we will just be mixing it up so we can keep making progress AND if you are inclined that way, this style of training is perfect for a leaning down protocol if you are hunting that summer body vibe. More on that on the Summer Sizzle blog post!

We will also see the return of some more ”CrossFit” Style workouts in the week but with the standard Milo spin on it 🙂 You’re welcome!

Example Days!

New Programming?

Well we are quite excited to also announce that we are trying to improve the service even more for you all. As most of you know we love aiming to be the BEST coaches we can possibly be and part of that is helping you get the most out of the workout.
We think we can do a better job there so we are now going to have variations of the workout based on goals and needs for you guys!
We will have 3 ”Tracks” for the day broken down into ”Performance”, ”Confidence” and ”Movement”.

Performance will be the standard style of Workouts geared towards those of you who want to do ”Full CrossFit” and be given a challenge.

Confidence will be for those of you who maybe want to work towards performance but are either unfamiliar with some of the movements and want to build some confidence in it or are working through some mobility issues etc and just trying to get more confident in certain positions.

Movement is exactly what it sounds like, if you come in and you want this to be your best hour, and just want to move but don’t necessarily want to do squat snatches then we will still be there to get you moving and making progress!

Each day can be adjusted as needed by you, your wants and needs. Monday you could feel like a boss a hit the Performance version of the workout. Then on Tuesday after the mother load of work that you had to stay up for means you may just feel like the complex movements are too much for that day and you can hit the Movement version. Chop and change it as you see fit!

All it means for you is that you have more options to get the most out of the workout, easier and with less faff. You can make dedicated progress on your goals, have fun doing it and not feel like you’re not ”doing” the workout.

Get in touch if you have questions, if not enjoy the rest of testing week and get excited for the next training block! 🙂

Coach Milo

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