Summer Sizzle!

Looking to get yourself summer ready? Want to do something different… and that will actually get you some results?

We are sure you’ve heard and jumped on most ”fat” burning workouts and workouts that will build 30 lbs of muscle in two weeks… We won’t lie like that, however we do have all the tools and assets that you could ever need to get real results with leaning down for the summer, moving well and building some strength with some expert coaching both in the movements but also nutritional coaching.

It will still take work on your part and if you bring that to the table we can guarantee you results. If you don’t want to work for it though then no program or workout by any ”celebrity” trainer or even us is going to get you there. Facts.

If you are interested the read on, Welcome to the Summer Sizzle!

What is it?

A 6 Week intensive taking all the guess work out of getting real results!

  • 6 Weeks worth of training and programming to help you build a better body
  • Expert Coaching in and OUT of the gym
  • Accountability and check ins to help you build better habits
  • Expert Nutritional Guidance
  • A community to help and inspire you along the way
  • Fun! ( We know some of you won’t believe this one but we can guarantee it 🙂 )


Buy into the program and our coaches will help you build a plan based on your goals and training wants and then from there we will guide you along the 6 Weeks to help you get your results!


We will be starting on the 4th of July!


For the 6 Weeks it is £379

This works out to only £9 a day! Lets be real. You’ve spent a whole lot more on a whole lot less…

Anything else?

The first 20 People to sign up will get a bonus pack from our partners over at Optimum Nutrition! Don’t miss out on a a golden opportunity to get on board with some of the best programs going in London, by far the best community and coaching team along with a Freebie pack of Nutrition from the same people that fuel some of the worlds best athletes!

If you are interested in getting going then sign up below and we will get on a call with you and help you map out your road to success!

If you have some questions then reach out and let’s get the conversation going so you can get the results you are looking for!

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