The CrossFit Thames Internship 2020

The CrossFit Thames Internship Program participants have the opportunity to contribute to the amazing community we have here at Thames while receiving an unmatched, behind-the-scenes learning experience. Though interns will work within specific parameters at first, they are able to explore all aspects of coaching, mentoring relationships with athletes and incredibly exciting and challenging industry. The program will vary in length from person to person due to time commitment and experience (12 being the shortest – 18 weeks being the longest). Interns will be required to go through 3 Phases for the successful completion of the program.

Phase One – Observation
Phase Two – Teaching
Phase Three – Assistant Coach/Coaching

The Internship is free however participants MUST be members of the gym for the duration of their Internship.

Thames Internship Program Overview

Participants in the program have the chance to experience a unique learning environment in the CrossFit/Fitness industry. Our World Renown Coaches are willing to assist and mentor those individuals with a serious desire to further their studies and achieve their career goals. You will learn, know how to apply what you know and how to effectively communicate with the athlete in front of you. Incorporated into the internship program are seminars that cover topics such as navigating the unique employment landscape in this industry, the chance to network with other coaches and Q & A sessions with Coaches and former interns.

Head Coach Note:
It takes decades to become a great coach, but this will help set you on the right path and at the end of it we will make sure you leave with a Road map to get to where you want to be. If you remain with us we will continue to guide you ourselves and if not then you will have a place to go and ask questions when needed to help keep you on the path to becoming a great coach. All that said, none of us here believe we have made it yet so get ready to learn a hell of a lot and to always have something to improve upon. 🙂

Please only apply if you are willing to learn, make mistakes, embrace them, learn from them and our team here. We want to help you develop but we won’t drag you along. Our time is precious, respect it.


All prospective interns must be members at Reebok CrossFit Thames.

This is an extremely exclusive group of people and we are accepting a maximum of 4 people onto the program. Acceptance on the course does not guarantee successful completion. Failing any Phase means we will have to end your internship.

Successful completion of the Thames Internship Program in no way guarantees a job with us here at Reebok CrossFit Thames. However, plenty of past successful candidates have gone on to coach here and globally bringing that next level of Coaching to the rest of the World.

You must send an Email to Head Coach Milo (milo@crossfitthames) with:
Reasons why you would be a good candidate for the program
What you hope to achieve on completion of the internship
What you bring to the program that is unique to you
Your Resume and Cover Letter

The application process is open for the next 3 weeks. (02nd Feb till 23rd of Feb)

The Internship will commence on the 02nd of March.

Once you apply you will receive more information on the Internship Program if we think you will be a good fit for it. Looking forward to hearing from you!


A) Deadlift
5 Sets of 8

B) Teams of 2
3 Rounds of:
2000m Ski/Row (Only if no ski available!)
– Switch every 200m –

* Rest 2 mins b/t rds *


Classic CrossFit

A) Back Squat
5 sets of 8

B) 27-21-15-9
Assault Bike/Row (row only when all ADs are taken! 😉 )
Thruster 40/30kg

Target: sub 7:00
Time Cap: 12:00

C) Extra Cred
3 Sets of:

Barbell curl 10 reps
Tricep extensions 10 reps
rest 1 min and repeat


5 Rounds:
10 DB Deadlifts 22/16kg
10 DB Hang Cleans 22/16kg
10 DB Front Squats 22/16kg
10 DB Shoulder to Overhead 22/16kg


Classic CrossFit

A) Press
5 Sets of 8

B) 9-15-21
Deadlift 100/70kg
Handstand Push Ups (Strict again for those able!)

*(Strict) HSPU are ideally kept in sets of 5 or more

Target Time: sub 7:00
Time Cap: 10:00

C) Extra Credit
3 Sets of:

DB press 10-12 reps
Band pull aparts 25 reps


Classic CrossFit

For time!
40/32 Cals of Choice
20 Squat Clean Thruster @50% of 1 Rep Max Clean
40/32 Cals of Choice

-rest 5:00-

40/32 Cals of Choice
20 Snatch @60-65% of 1 Rep Max Snatch
40/32 Cals of Choice

Target Time: sub 8:00
Time Cap: 12:00


A) 10 Sets
18/14 Cal AD/Ski
6 Sandbag Clean 65/40kg
2 Rope Climb

*1 Set Every 4:00


Classic CrossFit

A) Front Squat
5 Sets of 8

B) AMRAP For 8 Minutes
100 Double Under
20 Power Clean

– rest 4:00 –

AMRAP For 8 Minutes
100 Double Under
20 Power Clean

*increase weight every round, and start the second AMRAP where you finished the first
(60/40kg, 70/47.5kg, 80/55kg, 90/62.5kg, 100/70kg etc….) *


35min. to try and finish…
Cal Assault Bike/Ski
Push Jerks 60/40kg
Back Squat 60/40kg
American KB Swings 32/24kg

Teams of 2. Only 1 person works at a time.