Transition week & What’s coming next!

So for those of you that have already noticed, the programming this week is a little “calmer” let’s say haha and we have plenty of skill work coming up.

We are hitting a little transition week this week. We still have WODs obviously but we suggest that you take things a little slower and really focus in on driving skill and chasing those perfect reps. This is to let your body recover and prime you for our next block cycle that’s coming up.

Next cycle is going to have a bias on some strength elements! For those of you that have been with us in the past,it won’t be as long as some of the cycles we hit back in the day or as relentless day to day. We will be focusing on 3 Main lifts. Front squat, Deadlift and Bench press (Or strict press if you so choose).

There will be WODs during the next cycle too but the target times will be a little more “relaxed” let’s say to A) make sure you are putting in a full effort on the strength work and B) for those of you that want to push loads or slightly harder movements that you don’t normally get the chance to then you can!

How will the week be broken down?

  • Monday: Front Squats and WOD
  • Tuesday: Long WOD or Intervals
  • Wednesday: There will be a blog on this in the week but get ready for the next Oly Cycle on the clean and Jerk! Whoop whoop!
  • Thursday: Deadlift and WOD
  • Friday: Bench Press and Gymnastics WOD
  • Saturday: Mix of Team WODs, Long or Interval Work and some Power lifts.

How long will the cycle be?

This week will be the transition week then it will last 6 weeks of Strength Bias work.

Week 1: 19th of October
Week 6/Testing Week: 23rd Of November

What’s next?
More info to follow on but the 12 Days will be the next thing! For those of you that don’t know what the 12 Days are then you are in for a special treat! For now, let’s brace ourselves and put the work in to give ourselves some PBs just in time for Xmas 😛

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