What is Hollywood?

Hollywood is our newest program that we have here at Fortitude. We believe Hollywood is the perfect program for those that enjoy training and want to get strong but are maybe equally interested in the aesthetics part as much as the functionality.

We have adjusted the programming to much more match that. It is still challenging ( for those of you that have done a few weeks now can attest 😛 ). It is a program that will get you results if you put in the time and effort. We rotate through Phases of Hypertrophy (build muscle) , Strength ( get strong!) , strength endurance (combine new strength with endurance so you can apply it, which can also be a great time to lean down for those looking for those shredded looks!)

Our current phase is all about Hypertrophy and over the coming weeks will transition towards strength. We do this intelligently to make sure you are getting the right stimulus but also getting a good dose of a workout that leaves you feeling like you’ve worked, a steady drip of endorphins and can recover to get back and do it again!

If you are looking to build new muscle, get strong and build a body that makes you buzz with Pride then Hollywood is the program for you!

Below is an Example a Hollywood Lower and Upper Day


A) 7 Sets of:
12 Barbell Bench Press (Building)
15 Cals of Choice
– Rest as needed

B) 4 Sets of:
8-10 Bar Shrugs
15 High Incline DB Press (2 Sec down)
– Rest 2 Mins

C) 10 Mins
Max Rep Push Ups. Think you can get 200??


A) Back Squat
4 Sets of 12 @40%, 2 Sec Down per Rep

B) 3-4 Sets of DB Lunge 20 Lunges , Building to as heavy as poss with good tempo and form
– 2 Min Steady state cardio as your rest period

C) Barbell Calf Raises
100 Reps in as few sets as possible. use a little load if able

D) 10 Min EMOM
8 1+1/4 Reps of Goblet Squat

If you want to read more about Hollywood you can check our other blog on it here! Or if you have more specific questions or want a FREE trial then drop us an email, we’d love to help you get the result you are looking for!

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