Why do you train?

I do somehow always end up coming back to writing ‘’this’’ blog. I’ve written it a few times over the years, each time maybe a little different but with the same message. Why do you train?

For life? For an adventure? For a specific event like a marathon/ triathlon etc? For a CrossFit Team comp? To feel sexier? To help yourself destress and feel good?

All amazing goals and sometimes we can all fluctuate between each of the above pending on the year planned or just what we are ‘’feeling’’ / going through at the current time.

However, I would say that if you can’t say for certain which one you are currently sitting in then you need to Iron that shit out ASAP. Or you’ll end up getting dragged along by chance or making in the moment decisions that although ‘’just one little thing’’, done 100 times is 100 days further away from where you DO want to be.

We aren’t saying by any means that you need to have some monumental goal that you need to be grinding away every single day. Quite the contrary but you do need to have a ‘’Why’’ to your training. Let’s look at some of the above and how even with the classes the Why can affect the process. Plus, how the Performance/ confidence and Movement tracks might come in useful!  

Going on an adventure!

Amazing! Going on an adventure can obviously mean 100 different things however what we can assume is that any adventure IS going to be varied day to day and moment to moment. So, what does that mean? Well, its that old school cliché of you kinda need to be ready for anything. In a fitness sense that will mean more of a jack of all trades rather than a master of any one part such as strength over endurance etc.

If you are the worlds strongest dude/dudette but you can’t walk up a 400m slope to save your life you may run into some issues very early on with this adventure of yours.

If we take the class programming, then right now with our strength Endurance cycle then this is PERFECT! Pending on your starting level then you can either use the confidence as the emphasis is on the stimulus over the movements but here and there where you feel like it you can add in the performance element. I’d suggest that between 3-5 Sessions a week if able. Then I’d pick 1-2 sessions a week on something more specific to the next adventure. If its loads of hikes, then getting either some light runs in and getting some miles on your legs and feet. Taking a weekend to dover and getting some epic walks in around the cliffs.

Feeling sexier!

This goal over the years has taking a bit of a beating particularly in CrossFit circles like it’s a bad thing to say out loud that the reason you train is to look better. I’ll add it to my list of ‘’Beefs’’ with CrossFit haha 😊

If you want to train to look and feel sexier then AWESOME! If I feel happier and sexier then I’m going to feel more confident, better about myself, be a better person to be around and be there for those who need me.

Obviously, I’m going to direct you to Hollywood cause that’s what that program is made for! It fluctuates between mini cycles of Hypertrophy, Strength, and Strength Endurance. All things that will help us feel and look better!

Here I’d recommend hitting the 3-4 Hollywood sessions and if you want to throw in the odd CrossFit session because you enjoy it and hanging out with peeps then do that! What I would however put a much bigger emphasis on here is the Nutrition element and the rest portion. If your goal is to build muscle then that is a very costly in terms of resources. Which in the body sense is Sleep, good nutrition, and recovery. I’ve seen more progress with myself as an example doing a 3–4-day program doing Hypertrophy work over a 6 day. This is purely because with the 6-day program although wasn’t a bad program I just wasn’t recovering, wasn’t getting enough sleep etc and I didn’t get the best results. More isn’t always better especially when it comes to Muscle building/ fat loss goals.

For life!

‘’I sit at a desk all day and I want to move, have fun, and enjoy the gym in an amazing community such as yours’’ 😊

Oh, why thank you! We love having you and one of the main reasons we are here!

Again, another great goal!

If you don’t have a ‘’Specific’’ goal, please know that this IS one! It’s a vital and an important one. If you work at one of the big six for example, you’re working away for the empire, and you don’t get to leave your desk all that often then we need to ensure we get you moving. This has a magnitude of benefits which we are sure you’ve heard such as your mental health, heart health, productivity etc but let’s push a harsher truth home for some of you.

What are you working for? For most it’s a better future. Which again could be a magnitude of things such as a better house, for the family, a better paid role, a better healthier relationship, to find a partner and settle down with kids. To send the kids to best schools to ensure their future. All valid and true statements that you should own with pride because if you know what it is you’re fighting and working towards it’s a superpower some people are missing in their lives.

Now for the gut punch. What if you get to said future and you are a liability because you’re unhealthy, depressed and can’t enjoy the small things on the holiday like walking to the top of the hill and enjoying the view with said kids, partner, family etc.

Now, you’re grafting away at your job and as much as I’d love to help you, I’m sure you can all imagine Milo isn’t the best suited for the corporate life. However in the gym I CAN help you!

You can still have some mini specific goals such as fun runs, trying a new sport to meet people, or even hitting up Hollywood to build some muscle because why not! Regardless of if you do CrossFit/ Calisthenics classes or Hollywood the goal is to move, have fun and destress!

The Confidence or movement track will be perfect and based on your starting point then Id suggest getting in a minimum of 3x a week and getting yourself moving, laugh with the other members, forget about work for an hour and just enjoy it! Dial in your nutrition to a way that suits your habits and lifestyle and aim to get outside wherever possible. In the years to come you will be thankful that I made you do it. 😊

If you have some specific questions then please please fire them along, and if you’re comfortable I’d love to break it down like this as it may help others like you and at the end of the day, we ARE here to help you get what you want and deserve out of this life. Don’t waste it without sitting down and thinking and then deciding on what’s important to YOU!  

Coach Milo
– Milo@fortitudefitnesslondon.com

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